57th Canadian Chemical Engineering Conference - 2007

Oil Sands 2007 Conference

Monday AM

OSND1Salon 8

General 1 (joint with MASL1)

Organizer(s) - Jan Czarnecki, Kumar Nandakumar and Zhenghe Xu
Chair(s) - Joy Romero and Sieg Wanke

See Celebration of the Contributions of Jacob Masliyah - MASL1

11:40 End of Session

Transfer Time

11:45 All-Conference Event - Awards Luncheon

Monday PM

OSND2Salon 8

General 2 (joint with MASL2)

Organizer(s) - Jan Czarnecki, Kumar Nandakumar and Zhenghe Xu
Chair(s) - Brian Doucette and Murray Gray; Barry Bara and Subir Bhattacharjee

See Celebration of the Contributions of Jacob Masliyah - MASL1

17:00 End of Session



Organizer(s) - Jan Czarnecki, Heather Dettman, Kumar Nandakumar and Zhenghe Xu

From 17:00 until 18:40

17:00 00185 Improving Vacuum Gas Oil HydroTreating Operation via a Lumped Dynamic Simulation Modeling Approach Remesat D.
17:00 00186 Inside-Out Design Approach Improves Distillation Design and Operation from Air Separation to Upgrading Remesat D.
17:00 00187 Role of Bicarbonates in Bitumen Extraction from Poor Processing Oil Sand Ores Zhao H., Xu Z., *Masliyah J.H.
17:00 00188 A Holistic Improvement in Oil Sands Processing - Mission Impossible? Long J., Li H., Xu Z., *Masliyah J.H.
17:00 00189 The Impact of Asphaltene Aggregate Size on Coke Deposition on a Commercial Hydroprocessing Catalyst Zhao B., *Shaw J.M.
17:00 00190 Bitumen Interfacial Studies at Toluene-Water Interface: Effect of De-Emulsifiers on Film Stability Mahavadi S.C., Xu Z., $Masliyah J.H.
17:00 00191 Formation and Stability of Rag Layer in Bitumen Froth Saadatmand M., *Yarranton H.W.
17:00 00192 Understanding the Effect of Weathering on Oil Sands Processability $Ren S., Long J., Zhao H., Xu Z., *Masliyah J.H.
17:00 00193 Stability of Water-in-Diluted Bitumen Emulsions *Gao S., $Moran K., Xu Z., Masliyah J.H.
17:00 00194 Phase Transitions in Asphaltenes Using Temperature Moldulated Differential Scanning Calorimetery (TMDSC) Tran K., *Maham Y., Shaw J.M.
17:00 00196 Effect of Naphthenic Acids on Interfacial Films and Stability of Water-in-Oil Emulsions Stabilized by Asphaltenes *Baydak E.N., Yarranton H.W., Moran K.
17:00 00197 Impact of Solvent Addition in Oil Sand Ore on Bitumen Recovery and Froth Quality Harjai S., *Masliyah J.H., Xu Z.
17:00 00198 Simulation of Oil Sand Conditioning During Hydrotransport: Gas Dispersion Podila K., *$Al Taweel A.M., Koksal M., Troshko A., Gupta Y.P.
17:00 00199 Simulation of Oil Sand Conditioning During Hydrotransport: Bitumen Dispersion Naveen B.P., Azizi F., *$Al Taweel A.M., Gupta Y.P., Friesen W.
17:00 00200 On Expanding-Solvent Steam-Assisted Gravity Drainage with Transitional Solvent Injection *Gates I.D., Leskiw C.
17:00 00201 Interaction of Single Micro Bubble with an Inclined Collector Surface Seyyed Najafi A., *$Masliyah J.H., Xu Z.
17:00 00202 Sorption of Naphthenic Acids from Athabasca Tailing Pond Waters *Mohamed M.H., $Wilson L.D., Headley J.V.
17:00 00203 Density-Functional Theory (DFT) Modeling of Arsenic Deactivation of NiMoS Using Representative Organoarsenic Compounds *Yang S., Nelson A., $McCaffrey W.C., Adjaye J.
17:00 00205 Understanding the Mechanism of Pelleting Flocculation Induced by a Al(OH)3-Polyacrylamide Hybrid $Sun W., Long J., Xu Z., Masliyah J.H.
17:00 00206 Using Advanced Characterization Methods to Predict Compositional and Elemental Distributions of Petroleum Fractions *$Chen J., Briker Y., Ring Z.
17:00 00207 The Use of the High-Temperature, Modular-Helium Reactor for Tar Sands Oil Recovery *Baxter A.
17:00 00208 Filterability of Oil Sand Tailings *$Xu Y.
17:00 00209 A Life Cycle Economic and Environmental Investigation of Steam, Electricity and Hydrogen Generation Options for the Alberta Oil Sands Bergerson J., *McKellar J.M., MacLean H.L.
17:00 00210 Roles of Potassium Hydroxide in Chemical Activation of Oil Sands Fluid Coke Maka P., Cai J.H., *Jia C.Q.
17:00 00211 Direct Observation of Surface Charge Heterogeneity at the Bitumen-Water Interface $Esmaeili P., Long J., *Yeung A.
17:00 00212 Wettability of Solids from Oil Sands and its Relation to Oil Sands Processability Jha R., Dang-Vu T., *Masliyah J.H., Xu Z., Tannant D.D.
17:00 00213 Determining the Optimal Infrastructures for Meeting the Future Energy Demands of Carbon Constrained Oil Sands Operations Ordorica-Garcia G., Elkamel A., Douglas P.L., Croiset E., *Gupta M.
17:00 00214 Thermal Conversion of Naphthenic Acid Components in HVGO Fraction of Athabasca Bitumen Rahimi P.M., Oh Y.D., Rodgers R.P., Marshall A.G., Smith D.F.

Tuesday AM

OSND3Salon 8

Hydrotransport/Conditioning (joint with MASL3)

Organizer(s) - Jan Czarnecki, Kumar Nandakumar and Zhenghe Xu
Chair(s) - Andrew Eisenhower and Doug Cox

See Celebration of the Contributions of Jacob Masliyah - MASL3

12:00 End of Session

OSND7Salon 11

Composition, Properties and Upgrading

Organizer(s) - Heather Dettman
Chair(s) - John Shaw and Shawn Taylor

10:00 00297 Pyrene Derivatives of 2,2'-Bipyridine as Models for Asphaltenes: Synthesis, Characterization, and Supramolecular Organization Tan X., *Fenniri H., $Gray M.R.
10:20 00298 Evidence for the p-p Interaction of Aromatic Compounds with Vanadyl Porphyrin Compounds in the Organic Phase by Fluorescence Spectroscopy Yin C.-X., Mullen K., Stryker J.M., *$Gray M.R.
10:40 00299 Accurately Predict the Viscosity of Oil Sand Derived Crudes and Blends $Ha Z. (H.), *Koppel P.
11:00 00300 Calorimetric Study of Phase Behavior of Maya Crude and Athabasca Bitumen Fulem M., Becerra M., *Shaw J.M.
11:20 00301 Phase Transitions for Asphaltenes Separated from Native Oils Using Normal Alkanes from Pentane to Decane Tran K., *Maham Y., Becarra M., Shaw J.M.
11:40 00302 Influence of Modifier on the Supercritical Fluid Extraction from Athabasca Oil Sands Seth D., Rahmani S., Le-Nguyen K., Uong E., *$de Bruijn T.
12:00 End of Session

Tuesday PM

OSND4Salon 8

Bitumen Production (joint with MASL4)

Organizer(s) - Jan Czarnecki, Kumar Nandakumar and Zhenghe Xu
Chair(s) - Garry Foulds and Tadek Dabros; Surindar Singh and Shawn Taylor

See Celebration of the Contributions of Jacob Masliyah - MASL4

17:00 End of Session

OSND8Salon 11

Upgrader Fouling, Corrosion and Coker Concerns

Organizer(s) - Heather Dettman
Chair(s) - Paul Watkinson and Craig McKnight

13:40 00433 Fouling Investigation of Light Crudes Rahimi P.M., Wiehe I., Oh Y.D.
14:00 00434 Investigation of Cold Lake Asphaltene Adsorption on Metal Surface Rudrake A., Karan K.
14:20 00435 Structural Characterization of the Naphthenic Acids in Crude Oil: Gaining Insight into the Corrosive Nature of the Species Heerze L.D., Heshka A., Zinz D., Salmon S., Dettman H.
14:40 00436 Evaluating the Hydrophobic/Hydrophilic Nature of Asphaltenes and Naphthenates Using Model Microemulsions *$Acosta E.J., Bhakta A., Bakian G., Kiran S., Moran K.
15:00 00437 Naphthenic Acid Removal by Catalytic Decarboxylation on MgO and CaO Catalysts *Ding L.H., Yang H., Rahimi P.M., Chen J.W., Ring Z.
15:20 Coffee Break
15:40 00438 Composition and Size Distribution of Coherent Nanostructures in Athabasca Bitumen and Maya Crude Oil Zhao B., *Shaw J.M.
16:00 00439 Diffusion of Vanadium Compounds from Asphaltene Aggregates Dechaine G.P., *Gray M.R.
16:20 00440 Ultimate Coke Yield in Bitumen-Coke Agglomerates $Ali M., Courtney M., Chan E., *Gray M.R.
16:40 00441 Effect of Liquid Phase Severity on Upgrading *$McCaffrey W.C., Brown W.A., Pinchuk R.
17:00 End of Session

Wednesday AM

OSND5Salon 8

Tailings (joint with MASL5)

Organizer(s) - Jan Czarnecki, Kumar Nandakumar and Zhenghe Xu
Chair(s) - Roger Melley and Kevin Moran

See Celebration of the Contributions of Jacob Masliyah - MASL5

12:00 End of Session

OSND9Salon 11

Catalytic Upgrading

Organizer(s) - Heather Dettman
Chair(s) - Josephine Hill and Jacques Dirkx

10:00 00540 Hydroprocessing of Bitumen-Derived Distillates and Gas Oils *Ewert W.M., Bares J.E., Johnson B.G., Zarnitz R.M., Alvarez W.E.
10:20 00541 Advances in Albemarle's Heavy Oil Upgrading Catalysts Toshima H., Sedlacek Z., Mayo S., Avery C., Plantenga F., Adkins B.
10:40 00542 Filtration of Suspensions in Trickle-Bed and Monolith Reactors: Cyclic Operation and Catalytic Reaction Studies $Hamidipour M., *Larachi F., Ring Z.
11:00 00543 A Study of Acidity and Carbon Deposition over Mo2C/HY Catalysts used for Selective Ring Opening (SRO) of Naphthalene Liu X., *Smith K.J.
11:20 00544 Hydrotreating of Oil-Sands Derived Coker Gas Oil over P Promoted Trimetallic Ni-Mo-W/c-Al2O3 Sulfide Catalysts Sundaramurthy V., Sigurdson S., *Dalai A.K., Adjaye J.
11:40 00545 Yield Patterns from Cracking Heavy Gas Oils for Production of Light Olefins and Aromatics in Different Reaction Systems *$Ng S., Nakajima N., Mutyala S., Kuehler C., Yui S.
12:00 End of Session

Wednesday PM

OSND6Salon 8

Froth Treatment (joint with MASL6)

Organizer(s) - Jan Czarnecki, Kumar Nandakumar and Zhenghe Xu
Chair(s) - Bill Power and Vince Wallwork; Edward Maharajh and Harvey Yarranton

See Celebration of the Contributions of Jacob Masliyah - MASL6

17:00 End of Session

OSN10Salon 11

Upgrading Approaches, Concepts and Modeling

Organizer(s) - Heather Dettman
Chair(s) - Ajay Dalai and Mark Johnston

13:40 00634 Advances in Natural Zeolite Bitumen Cracking *Kuznicki S.M., McCaffrey W.C., Junaid A.S.M., Yin H., Koenig A., Swenson P., Bian J., Kuznicki T.
14:00 00635 Upgrading of Athabasca Vacuum Tower Bottoms (VTB) in Supercritical Hydrocarbon Solvents with Activated Carbon-Supported Metallic Catalysts *$Xu C., Hamilton S., Mallik A.
14:20 00636 Ultrasound Assisted Transfer Hydrogenation/Hydrogenolysis of Gas Oil *Gopinath R., $Dalai A., John A.
14:40 00637 Thermal Cracking of Sulfur Compounds: Experimental Study and Kinetic Calculation Li N., Luo J.L., $Dettman H.
15:00 00638 Process Design for Hydrogen Production from H2S Chemical Splitting Bromstad M.L., *$Wang H.
15:20 Coffee Break
15:40 00639 A Cascaded Population Balance Approach for Modeling the Evolution of Coker Feed Sprays *$Kirpalani D.M.
16:00 00640 Residue Molecules: Molecular Representations and Thermal Reactivity! Sheremata J.M., McCaffrey W.C., Gray M.R., Dettman H.
16:20 00641 Mathematical Modeling of Visbreaking Using Carbon Types Saxena A., Diaz-Goano C., Dettman H.
16:40 End of Session

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