57th Canadian Chemical Engineering Conference - 2007

Bioengineering - Biotechnology

Monday AM

BIOT1Salon 6

Computational Bioengineering

Organizer(s) - Arin Sen
Chair(s) - Eric Jervis

10:00 00002 The Effect of Reference Genome on the Prediction of Protein-Protein Interaction Using Phylogenetic Profiling Sihombing R.S., *$Lin Y.H.
10:20 00003 A Computational Model for in vitro Cell-Fate Control through Directed Polarization Verneau J., Qaqish C., *$Jervis E.J.
10:40 00004 Cell Culture Profiling by Combined LCMS and Multivariate Statistics Analyses Michaud F.T., Garnier A., Lemieux L., *Duchesne C.
11:00 00005 Application of Metabolic Flux Analysis for Optimizing Recombinant Human Interleukin-3 Production by Streptomyces lividans *$Nowruzi K., Scharer J.M., Elkamel A., Moo-Young M.
11:20 00006 Adaptive Binning of Metabolomic NMR Datasets Using Correlation Techniques *$Mahadevan S., Shah S.L.
11:40 End of Session

Transfer Time

11:45 All-Conference Event - Awards Luncheon

Monday PM

BIOT2Salon 6

Stem Cell Bioprocessing

Organizer(s) - Arin Sen
Chair(s) - Alain Garnier and Michael Kallos

13:40 00057 Expansion of Human Breast Epithelial Stem Cells and Breast Cancer Stem Cells in Suspension Bioreactors Panchalingam K.M., Youn B.S., Shemanko C.S., Sen A., *$Behie L.A.
14:00 00058 Comparing the Capacity of Adult Human Pancreas and Bone Marrow Derived Mesenchymal-Type Cells to Differentiate into an Insulin Producing Phenotype Ratanshi I., Jung S., Behie L.A., *$Sen A.
14:20 00059 Osteogenic Differentiation of Murine Embryonic Stem (mES) Cells in Suspension Bioreactors Alfred R.K., Cormier J.T., zur Nieden N.I., Rancourt D.E., *$Kallos M.S.
14:40 00060 Expansion of Human Muscle Precursor Cells in Serum-Free Medium Parent V.A., Sancen-Chaparro L.E., Wali Z., Lemieux L., Tremblay J.P., *Garnier A.
15:00 Coffee Break
15:20 00061 Systems-Level Analysis and Mathematical Modelling of Intercellular Signalling Networks Regulating Hematopoietic Stem Cell Expansion In Vitro *Kirouac D.C., Madlambayan G.M., Yu M., Ito C., $Zandstra P.W.
15:40 00062 Development of a High-Throughput Stirred Suspension System for the Culture of Embryonic Stem Cells Millar V.F., Rancourt D.E., *$Kallos M.S.
16:00 00063 A Novel Method to Control Differentiating Human Embryonic Stem Cell (hESC) Aggregate Size and Composition: Effects on Cardiomyocyte Development Bauwens C.L., Peerani R., Niebrugge S., Kolodziejska K., Husain M., $Zandstra P.W.
16:20 00064 Expansion of Human Brain Tumour Initiating Cells (BTICs) to Identify New Therapeutics for Brain Cancer Treatment Chiang C.K., Youn B.S., Sen A., Dirks P.B., *$Behie L.A.
16:40 End of Session

Tuesday AM

BIOT3Salon 6


Organizer(s) - Arin Sen
Chair(s) - Mario Jolicoeur

10:00 00241 Modeling and Simulation of Three-Stage Cascade Ultrafiltration Configurations for Monoclonal Antibody Bioseparation Mayani M., Filipe C.D.M., *Ghosh R.
10:20 00242 Modeling the Biofiltration of Dimethyl Sulfide in the Presence of Methanol in Inorganic Biofilters at Steady State $Zhang Y., Liss S.N., *Allen D.G.
10:40 00243 Novel Approach for Monitoring Concentrations of the Milk Proteins a-LA and b-LG During Ultrafiltration Using a Fluorescence Fiber Optic Probe Elshereef R., Budman H., Moresoli C., *$Legge R.L.
11:00 00244 The Isolation and Extraction of the 7S and 11S Globulin Soy Proteins Using a Liquid-Solid Circulating Fluidized Bed (LSCFB) Reactor Galloway R., Bassi A.S., Zhu J.
11:20 00245 Fractionation of Antioxidant Soy Protein Hydrolysates by Dead-End Ultrafiltration Robinson M., *Moresoli C.
11:40 00246 Application of Aspergillus niger Isolated from Industrial Wastewater in the Removal of Heavy Metals by Biosorption Dang Vu Bich H., *Nguyen Tuyet M., $Tran Linh T., Doan H.D.
12:00 End of Session

Tuesday PM

BIOT4Salon 6

Cell Culture

Organizer(s) - Arin Sen
Chair(s) - Arin Sen and Jamie Piret

13:40 00330 A New Dawn of Chemical Reaction Engineering in Biotechnology *$Hu W.-S.
14:20 00331 A 24-Well System for Screening and Optimizing Process Parameters for Mammalian Cell Culture Chaudhry M.A.S., Jardon M, Kim D.Y., *$Piret J.M.
14:40 00332 A High-Rate Perfusion Bioreactor for Plant Cells Allowing Continuous Extraction of Secreted Proteins Jolicoeur M., Hisiger S., Cloutier M., Perrier M., Legros R., De Crescenzo G.
15:00 00333 Process Strategies for High Yield Production of Adeno-Associated Viruses in Insect Cells *Aucoin M.G., Perrier M., Kamen A.A.
15:20 Coffee Break
15:40 00334 Enhanced Growth of Cold-Adapted CHO Cells Increases Recombinant Glycoprotein Expression under Hypothermic Conditions Sunley K., Tharmalingam T., $Butler M.
16:00 00335 Recombinant Protein Production by Cytopore Microcarriers is Further Enhanced under Hypothermic Culture Conditions Tharmalingam T., Sunley K., $Butler M.
16:20 00336 Pichia Pastoris Fermentation for Phytase Production Using Low-Grade Glycerol as the Carbon Source Tang S., *Zhang Z.
16:40 00337 Kinetics of the Ferrous Iron Biooxidation by a Free Suspended Culture of Leptospirillum Ferriphilium Penev K., *Karamanev D.
17:00 End of Session



Organizer(s) - Arin Sen

From 17:00 until 18:40

17:00 00338 Synthesis and Characterization of Environment-Responsive Filters and Membranes Huang R.X., Kostanski L.K., Filipe C.D.M., *Ghosh R.
17:00 00339 Bacterial Attachment to Oil and Its Role on Biodegradation of Polyaromatic Hydrocarbons Abbasnezhad H., *Gray M.R., Foght J.M.
17:00 00340 The Effect of Urea Supplementation on the Gene Alternation of an Industrial Saccharomyces cerevisiae Cheng C.H., Yang D.M., *$Lin Y.H.
17:00 00341 Food-Grade Biotechnology: An Innovative Concept for Novel Food and Drug Production Razvi A., Basso J., *$Lan C.Q.
17:00 00342 Characterisation of Fermentation Broth Using Multiple-Scattered Light in the Near-Infrared Region *Dzhongova E.Z., $Thennadil S.N., Harwood C.R. WITHDRAWN
17:00 00343 Diesel Biodesulfurization Activity of Rhodococcus rhodochrous IGTS8 in the Presence of Ionic Liquids Soleimani M., *Bassi A.S., Margaritis A.
17:00 00344 Lipase-Catalyzed Kinetic Resolution of Anti-Inflammatory Drugs in Non-Standard Organic Solvents *$Ghanem A.
17:00 00345 Function Inference of Interacting Proteins Using Protein Signature Profiling Mahdavi M.A., *$Lin Y.H.

Wednesday PM

BIOT5Salon 6


Organizer(s) - Arin Sen
Chair(s) - Amarjeet Bassi and Marc Aucoin

13:40 00573 Investigation of Enzymatic Degradation of Polyurethane Plastics Gautam R., *Bassi A.S., Yanful E.K.
14:00 00574 Development of a QCM-D Based Biosensor for Detection of E. coli O157:H7 Poitras C., *$Tufenkji N.
14:20 00575 Nanoscale Investigation of Bacterial Adhesion in Terms of Classical DLVO Theory Dorobantu L.S., Bhattacharjee S., Foght J.M., Gray M.R.
14:40 00576 Elasticity of Hexadecane-Water Interfaces with Adsorbed Hydrophobic Bacteria Kang Z., *Yeung A., Foght J.M., Gray M.R.
15:00 00577 Use of Genetically Modified Saccharomyces cerevisiae to Convert Soluble Starch Directly to Ethanol *Liao B., $Roesler W.J., Hill G.A.
15:20 Coffee Break
15:40 00578 Towards the Development of Metabolic Engineering Tools for the On-Line Monitoring of Cell Potentials Jolicoeur M., De Crescenzo G., Perrier M.
16:00 00579 Overexpression of Recombinant Pseudozyma Antarctica Lipase in Escherichia coli Xu Y., *Chou C.P., Scharer J., Moo-Young M. WITHDRAWN
16:20 00580 Extraction and Uses of Biopolymers from Wastewater Sludge $Garcia Becerra F.Y., Allen D.G., Acosta E.J., Xuan X.Y., Maniyali Y.
16:40 00581 Biological Hydrogen Production Using Sewage Sludge as Microbial Seed Baghchehsaraee B., Nakhla G., *Karamanev D., Margaritis A.
17:00 End of Session

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