57th Canadian Chemical Engineering Conference - 2007

Unconventional Resources

Tuesday PM

UNCN1Salon 5

Unconventional Gas/Cold Energy and Landfills

Organizer(s) - Bruce Peachey
Chair(s) - Bruce Peachey

13:40 00475 Molecular Level Study on sH Methane Hydrate *$Susilo R., Ripmeester J., Englezos P.
14:00 00476 Thermodynamic Evidence for Hydrate Structure Change in the Methane-Carbon Dioxide-Neohexane and Water System $Beltran J.G., *Servio P.
14:20 00477 Effects of Ionic Surfactants on Tetrahydrofuran Hydrate Formation $Al-Garyani S., *Yuet P.K.
14:40 00478 Thermodynamic Conditions for Gas Hydrates Formation in Water in Oil Microemulsions Giraldo C.A., Clarke M.
15:00 00479 Detecting Adsorbed Gas in Coal Using Low-Field NMR *$Guo R., Kantzas A.
15:20 Coffee Break
15:40 00480 An Overview of Unconventional Oil and Gas in Canada Peachey B.R.
16:00 00481 Utilizing the Cold Potential of LNG Regasification Terminals *$Al Taweel A.M., Cote R., Curry T.
16:20 00482 Cold Energy - Potential Applications in Canada *$Peachey B.R., Godin M., Heidrick T.
16:40 00483 Warm Water Geothermal Energy In Western Canada *$Peachey B.R., Godin M.
17:00 End of Session

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