57th Canadian Chemical Engineering Conference - 2007

Improving the Quality of Air, Water and Soil

Monday AM

IMPQ1Salon 3

Bioremediation Microbes

Organizer(s) - Gordon Hill
Chair(s) - Grant Allen

10:00 00029 Identification of Microorganisms that Degrade Specific Organic Chemicals in Complex Systems Aitken M.D.
10:40 00030 A Study of the Microbial Community Structure of Biofilters Treating Dimethyl Sulphide Hayes A.C., Liss S.N., *Allen D.G.
11:00 00031 On the Use of Solid-Liquid Two-Phase Partitioning Bioreactors for the Treatment of Petroleum Contaminated Soil and Water *$Daugulis A.J., Prpich G.P., Rehmann L.
11:20 00032 Groundwater Contamination by Pathogens: Examining the Role of Microaerophilic and Aerobic Environments Castro F.D., *$Tufenkji N.
11:40 End of Session

Transfer Time

11:45 All-Conference Event - Awards Luncheon

Monday PM

IMPQ2Salon 3

Oil Contaminated Waters

Organizer(s) - Gordon Hill
Chair(s) - Bruce Peachey

13:40 00142 Kinetics of Bioremediation of a Model Naphthenic Acid Compound *$Paslawski J.C., Hill G.A., Nemati M., Headley J.V.
14:00 00143 Micellar-Enhanced Ultrafiltration Utilizing Naturally Occurring Surfactants for the Removal of Organic Contaminants from Produced Water Deriszadeh A., Harding T.G., Husein M.M.
14:20 00144 Water Challenges and Reclamation Options Facing Surface Mining Oil Sands Operations in Northeastern Alberta *$MacKinnon M.D.
15:00 Coffee Break
15:20 00145 Physical Remediation of Heavy Hydrocarbon Contaminated Soil *$Nikakhtari H., Kumar P., Nemati M., Hill G.A.
15:40 00146 Surface Charge and Microbial Attachment to Model Crude Oil/Electrolyte Emulsions Warne Zoueki C., *Tufenkji N., $Ghoshal S.
16:00 00147 Bioremediation of Polyaromatic Hydrocarbons under Fe(III)-Reducing Conditions Ramsay J.A.
16:40 00148 Wet Air Oxidation of Benzene Enhanced by Phenol Abussaud B., Berk D., Kubes G.
17:00 End of Session



Organizer(s) - Gordon Hill

From 17:00 until 18:40

17:00 00149 Influence of Sulphate Concentration on Desulfurization of Dibenzothiophene by Rhodococcus rhodochrous (NRRL B-2149) *$Santos E.S., Soares Jr. A.B., Gurgel Y.K.P., Chagas B.M.E., Domingos T.B., Macedo G.R.
17:00 00150 Environmental Current Status in Shrimp Culture and Basa Catfish Culture in Mekong Delta ( Vietnam) and Solutions Nguyen Van P., *Dang Vu Bich H., Nguyen Thi Thanh P., Dang Ngoc Bich L.

Tuesday AM

IMPQ3Salon 3

Air Pollutants

Organizer(s) - Gordon Hill
Chair(s) - William Anderson

10:00 00281 Environmental Stewardship for Engineers *$Peachey B.R.
10:40 00282 Photochemical and Advanced Oxidation Treatment of Gas-Phase Chlorobenzene Weber N., Zhang L., *$Anderson W.A.
11:00 00283 Treatment of Waste Gases in a Gas-Fluidized Peat Granule Bioreactor Clarke K., *Hill G.A., Pugsley T.
11:20 00284 Toluene Removal Biofilter Modeling Li G.Q., *$De Visscher A.
11:40 00285 Granular Filtration for Airborne Particles Golshahi L., Tan C., *$Abedi J.
12:00 End of Session

Tuesday PM

IMPQ4Salon 3

Sulfur Remediation and Modeling

Organizer(s) - Gordon Hill
Chair(s) - Hui Wang

13:40 00407 A Safer H2S Disposal Method to Eliminate Flaring Acid Gas in Natural Gas Processing: Kinetic Study of H2S Adsorption on Iron Oxide Wang D.M., *$Wang H., Chuang K.T.
14:00 00408 Substrate Utilization Rate Model of Denitrification Processes of Bioreactors Xu A., *Young S.
14:20 00409 Sulphur Bacteria: Little Devils at Work in Oil Fields and Mines *Nemati M.
15:00 00410 Remediation for PCE Contamination *$Qin X.S., Huang G.H.
15:20 Coffee Break
15:40 00411 Development of a CFD-Based Model for the Simulation of Immobilized Photocatalytic Reactors $Duran J.E., *Mohseni M., Taghipour F.
16:00 00412 Microbial Desulphurization and Denitrification of a Waste Stream in an Immobilized Cell Bioreactor *Tang K.M., Nemati M.
16:20 00413 Optimal Waste Allocation under Uncertainty through an Inexact Multiobjective Optimization Method *Zhang X., Huang G.H.
16:40 00414 A Study of Thiosalt Oxidation Vongporm Y., Hawboldt K., Coles C., *Bottaro C.
17:00 End of Session

Wednesday AM

IMPQ5Salon 3

Adsorption and Innovative Treatment Strategies

Organizer(s) - Gordon Hill
Chair(s) - Mehdi Nemati

10:00 00522 Equilibrium and Kinetics of Cd++ and Cu++ Adsorption by Wheat Straw Dang V.B.H., *Doan H.D., Dang-Vu T., Lohi A.
10:20 00523 Kinetics and Equilibrium of Nickel Biosorption Thevennan A., *$Niu C.H.
10:40 00524 Treatment of Evaporator Condensate Using Thermophilic and Mesophilic Sequencing Batch Reactors Zheng M.R., Ratana-Rueangsri L., Langevin S.P., *$Liao B.Q.
11:00 00525 Sustainable Groundwater Cleanup at a Former Herbicides Production Facility Using Phytoremediation Creber C.E., $Gatlieff E.G., West J.E., Manale F.A., Wandor D.G.
11:20 00526 Mass Transfer and Bioremediation of Aromatics from NAPL in a Rotary, Baffled Bioreactor *$Nikakhtari H., Kumar P., Nemati M., Hill G.A.
11:40 End of Session

Wednesday PM

IMPQ6Salon 3

Adsorption and Oil/Gas Remediation

Organizer(s) - Gordon Hill
Chair(s) - Huu Doan

13:40 00621 Adsorption of Zn++ and Ni++ in a Fixed Bed of Wheat Straw Dang V.B.H., *Doan H.D., Lohi A., Dang-Vu T.
14:00 00622 Life Cycle Assessment of CO2 Enhanced Oil Recovery and Storage *Suebsiri J., Wilson M., Manuilova A., Tontiwachwuthikul P.
14:20 00623 Technology for Arsenic Removal from Water *$Apblett A.W., Piquette A., Brown J.E., Bagabas A.
14:40 00624 Environmental Effects of Solid and Liquid Wastes of Oil Wells *$Zadakbar O., Anbia M., Garshasbi V. WITHDRAWN
15:00 00625 Conversion of Dibenzothiophene to 2-Hydroxybiphenyl by Rhodococcus rhodochrous (NRRL B-2149) *$Santos E.S., Gurgel Y.K.P., Soares Jr. A.B., Chagas B.M.E., Domingos T.B., Macedo G.R.
15:20 End of Session

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