57th Canadian Chemical Engineering Conference - 2007

Process Dynamics and Control

Monday AM

PROC1Salons 17/18

Process Control

Organizer(s) - Biao Huang and Helen Shang
Chair(s) - Biao Huang and Bhushan Gopaluni

10:00 Keynote Lecture presented by Anna Stefanopoulou in Salon 9

10:40 00045 Periodic Orbits and Feedback Invariants of Control Systems Hudon N., Guay M.
11:00 00046 Simultaneous Design and Control of Chemical Processes under Uncertainty and External Perturbations: A Robust Modelling Approach $Ricardez Sandoval L.A., *Budman H., Douglas P.L.
11:20 00047 Implementation of a Particle Filter and Image Based Sensor for Interface Level Control in an Oil Sands Separation Cell $Jampana P., *Shah S.L., Kadali R., Kihas D.
11:40 End of Session

Transfer Time

11:45 All-Conference Event - Awards Luncheon

Monday PM

PROC2Salons 17/18

Optimization/System Identification

Organizer(s) - Biao Huang and Helen Shang
Chair(s) - Chris Swartz and Jong-Min Lee

13:40 00215 Real-Time Operations Optimization: Reaching Maturity Marlin T.E.
14:20 00216 Optimal Storage Level Design for Production Systems under Unit Failure Scenarios Davies K.M., *Swartz C.L.E.
14:40 00221 Data-Driven Bayesian Approach for Control Loop Diagnosis *Qi F., Huang B.
15:00 Coffee Break
15:20 00218 Approximate Dynamic Programming for Stochastic Multi-State Decision Problems: Applications to Process Scheduling and Control *$Lee J.H.
16:00 00219 Closed Loop Identification - Does it Work? Industrial Applications and Perspectives Patwardhan R., Brown M.
16:20 00220 A Particle Filter Approach to Identification of Nonlinear Processes under Missing Observations *$Gopaluni R.B.
16:40 00217 Scheduling Plants with some Units Requiring Periodic Maintenance - An Optimization Approach Pula R., *Marlin T.E.
17:00 End of Session

Tuesday AM

PROC3Salons 17/18

Systems Biology/Pharmaceutical

Organizer(s) - Biao Huang and Helen Shang
Chair(s) - Hector Budman and Amos Ben-Zvi

10:00 00308 Systems Biology: Potential and Pitfalls Perrier M.
10:40 00309 Insights into the Effect of Temperature on Platelet Production Provided by the Dynamic Mathematical Modeling of Megakaryopoiesis Leisy-Derilou Y., Duchesne C., Pineault N., Boucher J.F., *Garnier A.
11:00 00310 Dynamical Analysis of an Integrated Signaling Network via Linear Programming *Lee J.M., Gianchandani E.P., Eddy J.A., $Papin J.A.
11:20 00311 Quality Control of Multi-Component Pharmaceutical Intact Tablets Using Three Different Near-Infrared Apparatuses Cournoyer A., Cartilier L., *Abatzoglou N., Simard J.-S.
11:40 00312 In-Line Blend Homogeneity Determination of a Multicomponent Dry Pharmaceutical Formulation Using Near-Infrared Spectroscopy in a V-Blender Process (Part 2) Lapointe-Garant P.P., *Abatzoglou N., $Simard J.-S.
12:00 End of Session

Tuesday PM

PROC4Salons 17/18

Process Control/Model Predictive Control

Organizer(s) - Biao Huang and Helen Shang
Chair(s) - Michel Perrier and Helen Shang

Syncrude Canada Innovation Award Lecture presented by Martin Guay

Introduction of Martin Guay by James McLellan

13:40 00455 Adaptive Optimization Techniques for Control and Estimation *$Guay M.
14:20 00456 Analysis of a Smelting Furnace Off-Gas System *$Shang H., Dillabough M., Nelson P., Salt B.
14:40 00457 Optimal Selection of Decentralized MPC Structure for Interconnected Chemical Processes Al-Gherwi W.A., *Budman H., $Elkamel A.
15:00 00458 Advanced Control of an Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plant *$Young B.R., Board T.R., Murphy R.B., Kecman V.
15:20 Coffee Break
D.G. Fisher Award Lecture presented by Barry Cott

Introduction of Barry Cott by Tom Marlin

15:40 00459 Unit-Wide Model Predictive Control with SMOCPro Cott B.J.
16:20 00460 Improving the Operation of Refinery Desulphurization Units Using Advanced Process Control Technology *$Twana C.S., McIntosh A.R.
16:40 00461 LQ Approach for Coordination of Decentralized Large Scale Process Control Problems Marcos N.I., Dallagi A., *Forbes J.F., Guay M.
17:00 End of Session



Organizer(s) - Biao Huang and Helen Shang
Chair(s) - Jong-Min Lee and Helen Shang

From 17:00 until 18:40

17:00 00462 Identification of Mixed-Logic Dynamical Systems Using Particle Filtering Li Q., Lee J.M., Ben-Zvi A.
17:00 00463 Bayesian Approach for MPC Constraint Analysis Akande D.O., *Huang B.
17:00 00464 A Note on the Selection of Timescale for Real-Time Optimization of Processes *$Razzaghi K., Shahraki F.
17:00 00465 A Survey for the Selection of Control Structure for Distillation Columns *$Razzaghi K., Shahraki F.
17:00 00466 Feasibility and Stability of Steady-State Target Calculation of Model Predictive Control *Forbes J.F., Al-Shammari A.A.
17:00 00467 Industrial Batch Reactor Swelling: Constrained Level Control *$Simon L.L., Nagy Z.K., Hungerbühler K.

Wednesday AM

PROC5Salons 15/16

Model Predictive Control

Organizer(s) - Biao Huang and Helen Shang
Chair(s) - Brent Young and Prashant Mhaskar

10:40 00552 Adaptive Model Predictive Control for Constrained Nonlinear Systems $Guay M., *Adetola V.
11:00 00553 Enhancing the Stability Region Estimates of Nonlinear Process Systems Using Model Predictive Control Mahmood M., *Mhaskar P.
11:20 00554 A Novel Approach for Block Model Predictive Control Olvera-Salazar A.J., $Marlin T.E.
11:40 00555 A Model Predictive Control Strategy for Crystallizer Temperature Control Mortazavi-Manesh S., *Svrcek W.Y.
12:00 End of Session

PROC6Salons 17/18

Statistical Methods

Organizer(s) - Biao Huang and Helen Shang
Chair(s) - Jim McLellan and Bhushan Gopaluni

10:00 00556 The Statistical Analysis of Simplified or Misspecified Models Harris T.J., McAuley K.B., Wu S.
10:40 00557 Parameter Estimation in Continuous-Time Dynamic Models with Uncertainty Varziri M.S., *$McAuley K.B., McLellan P.J.
11:00 00558 Quality Control of PE/PS Polymer Films through Multivariate Image Analysis Gosselin R., Duchesne C., *Rodrigue D., González Nuñez R.
11:20 00559 SQC of Alarm Events *$Hugo A.J.
11:40 00560 Application of Support Vector Regression Machine for Nonlinear System Identification Saneej B.C., Shah S.L.
12:00 End of Session

Wednesday PM

PROC7Salons 17/18

Process Control/Statistical Methods

Organizer(s) - Biao Huang and Helen Shang
Chair(s) - Rohit Patwardhan and Amos Ben-Zvi

13:40 00650 Control of Catalytic Flow Reversal Reactors Fuxman A.M., Aksikas I., *Forbes J.F., Hayes R.E.
14:00 00651 Application of Inductive Monitoring System (IMS) for Monitoring Industrial Processes Halim E., Raghavan H., *Shah S.L.
14:20 00652 Multivariate Data Analysis for Black Liquor Evaporator Performance Improvement *Amazouz M., $Platon R.
14:40 00653 Transition from Batch to Continuous Operation in Bio-Reactors Using Model Predictive Control Aumi S., *Mhaskar P.
15:00 00654 Local Identifiability and Parameter Estimability in a Fuel Cell Model Jayasankar B.r., *Ben Zvi A., Huang B.
15:20 Coffee Break
15:40 00655 Multivariate Statistical Analysis of the Impact of Carbon Anodes and Alumina Quality on Primary Aluminium Production *$Tessier J., Duchesne C., Gauthier C., Dufour G.
16:00 00656 Chemical Processes are Low Pass Filters. Why and When? *$Choudhury M.A.A., Shah S.L.
16:20 00657 Diagnosis of Plant-Wide Oscillations Using Adjacency Matrix Jiang H., Patwardhan R., *Shah S.L.
16:40 00658 Model-Free Learning Approach for Control of Uncertain Systems Nosair H., *Lee J.M.
17:00 End of Session

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