57th Canadian Chemical Engineering Conference - 2007

Process Safety and Loss Management

Monday AM

PSLM1Salons 13/14

Enhancing Process Safety Knowledge

Organizer(s) - Mitch Colwell
Chair(s) - Gerry Phillips

10:00 00048 Chemical Process Safety after BP Texas City Bresland J.S.
11:00 00049 An Update on Proposed Amendments to the Environmental Emergency Regulations under Section 200 of CEPA 1999 Shrives J.S., *Hradecky K.
11:40 End of Session

Transfer Time

11:45 All-Conference Event - Awards Luncheon

Monday PM

PSLM2Salons 13/14

Land Use Planning

Organizer(s) - Mitch Colwell
Chair(s) - Della Wong

PSM Award Lecture presented by Ertugrul Alp

Introduction of Ertugrul Alp by Graham Creedy

14:00 00222 Risk Assessment and PSM Alp E.
15:00 Coffee Break
15:30 00223 Risk Based Land-Use Planning in the Edmonton Area McCutcheon D.J.
16:00 00224 Application of the MIACC Risk Screening Methodology as Part of Complying with Edmonton Area Land Use Bylaws Henselwood F.W.
16:30 00225 The Emperor's Tattered Suit: The Human Role in Risk Assessment and Control Creedy G.D.
17:00 End of Session

Tuesday AM

PSLM3Salons 13/14

Process Risk Management

Organizer(s) - Mitch Colwell
Chair(s) - Ralph Smeding

10:00 00313 Meeting Today's Societal Expectations: Process Risk Management Programs of the Dow Chemical Company Overton T.A.
11:00 00314 U. S. Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards *$Moore D.A., Kellogg D.
11:30 00315 Resources and Metrics to Address Current Process Safety Issues - A CCPS Overview Overton T.A., *Berger S.
12:00 End of Session

Tuesday PM

PSLM4Salons 13/14

Managing the Consequences of Process Safety Incidents

Organizer(s) - Mitch Colwell
Chair(s) - Graham Creedy

13:30 00468 Using a Risk-Based Approach to Emergency Planning Resources McCutcheon D.J.
14:00 00469 Risk Based Decision Aid Wong D.
14:30 00470 Land Use Planning and Process Safety *$Moore D.A., Fuller B.A., Kellogg D.
15:00 00471 Managing the Intolerable Henselwood F.W., Phillips K.G.
15:30 Coffee Break
16:00 00472 Alberta Environmental Protection Commission Outcomes McCutcheon D.J.
16:30 00473 Effective Investigation and Analysis of Major Incidents in an Industrial Setting that will Produce the Most Valuable Outcomes $Wilson L., *Romanyk T.
17:00 End of Session



Organizer(s) - Mitch Colwell

From 17:00 until 18:40

17:00 00474 Industrial Health, Safety and Environmental Protection: A Synergetic Approach Tiwari D.P.

Wednesday AM

PSLM5Salons 13/14

Process Safety Education and Societal Expectations

Organizer(s) - Mitch Colwell
Chair(s) - Adrian Pierorazio

10:00 00561 Chemical Engineers: A Trusted Voice on Technical Matters of Public Concern, or Not? Alp E., *$Boughner R.T.
11:00 00562 Incorporating Risk Concepts Into Engineering Education McCutcheon D.J.
11:30 00563 Development of a Process Safety Culture for a Newly Graduated Chemical Engineer Lacoursière J.-P.
12:00 End of Session

Wednesday PM

PSLM6Salons 13/14

Safeguarding Design

Organizer(s) - Mitch Colwell
Chair(s) - Ertugrul Alp

13:30 00659 Building Blast Shields: An Overview *$Pierorazio A.J.
14:00 00660 Considerations for the Process Safety Design of Sulfur Tanks and Collection Vessels Sourisseau K.
14:30 00661 Quantifying the Risk of Gas-Phase Autoignition in the Selective Oxidation of Propane to Acrylic Acid in a Fluidized Bed Reactor Laviolette J.-P., *$Patience G.S., Chaouki J.
15:00 Coffee Break
15:30 00662 Fires and Explosions: What You Need to Know to Prevent Them Phillips K.G., *Nibber S.P.S.
17:00 End of Session

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