57th Canadian Chemical Engineering Conference - 2007

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00001 Correlation of Binary VLE by GE Models: Comparision of Four Unconstrained Optimization Methods Andra R.P., Josyula S., Ayyalasomayajula A.K.
00002 Progress on the Gas Hydrate Process for Post Combustion Capture of Carbon Dioxide from a Flue Gas Mixture Linga P., Kumar R., Adeyemo A., Ripmeester J., Englezos P.
00003 Progress on the Gas Hydrate Process for Pre-Combustion Capture of Carbon Dioxide from a Fuel Gas Mixture Kumar R., Linga P., Ripmeester J., Englezos P.
00004 Effect of Ethanol Concentration in the Uncatalysed Solvent Pulping of Salix schwerinii Macfarlane A.L., Farid M.M., Chen J.J.J., Lough T.J.
00005 Treatment of Evaporator Condensate Using Thermophilic and Mesophilic Sequencing Batch Reactors Zheng M.R., Ratana-Rueangsri L., Langevin S.P., Liao B.Q.
00006 Compounding HXNBR for Drill Bit Seal Applications Pazur R.J., Campomizzi E.C., Ferrari L.P., von Hellens W., Dato J.E.
00007 A New Approach to Re-Refine the Used Engine Oil. Using the Solvent Blend of n-Butyl Alcohol, Ethyl Methyl Ketone and Isopropyl Alcohol Gautam A., Bhaskarwar A.N.
00008 Improving Vacuum Gas Oil HydroTreating Operation via a Lumped Dynamic Simulation Modeling Approach Remesat D.
00009 Is There a Future for Chemical Manufacturing in Canada? LaChance C.A.
00010 Thermodynamic Conditions for Gas Hydrates Formation in Water in Oil Microemulsions Giraldo C.A., Clarke M.
00011 Sulphur Bacteria: Little Devils at Work in Oil Fields and Mines Nemati M.
00012 Accurately Predict the Viscosity of Oil Sand Derived Crudes and Blends Ha Z. (H.), Koppel P.
00014 The Gasification of New Zealand Coals: A Comparative Simulation Study Nathen S.V., Kirkpatrick R.D., Young B.R.
00015 A Computational Study of NOx and Noise Production in a Pulse Combustor Mujumdar A.S., Wu Z.H.
00016 Inside-Out Design Approach Improves Distillation Design and Operation from Air Separation to Upgrading Remesat D.
00017 Improving Consistency and Reliability of a Catalyst Feeding System for Gas-Phase Polyethylene Production Shaw B.M.
00018 Distillation Characteristics of Rotating Packed Beds for Different Structures Li X.P., Liu Y.Z., Wang J.W., Li J.H.
00019 Advanced Control of an Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plant Young B.R., Board T.R., Murphy R.B., Kecman V.
00022 Early Events in the Scaling of Gypsum Under Sensible Heating Conditions Fahiminia F., Watkinson A.P., Epstein N.
00023 Optimizing the Use of Ultrasound to Deliver Chemotherapeutic Agents to Cancer Cells from Polymeric Micelles Abdel-Jabbar N.M., Husseini G.A., Mjalli F.S., Al-Mousa A., Pitt W.G.
00024 A Model Predictive Control Strategy for Crystallizer Temperature Control Mortazavi-Manesh S., Svrcek W.Y.
00026 Design of Distillation Column Sequence by Genetic Algorithm Boozarjomehry R.B., Pourahmadi Laleh A., Svrcek W.Y.
00027 Identification of Microorganisms that Degrade Specific Organic Chemicals in Complex Systems Aitken M.D.
00028 Modeling of Palladium Containing Activated Carbon Fiber Using Car-Parrinello Molecular Dynamics Mushrif S.H., Rey A.D. WITHDRAWN
00029 Correlations for the Effective Transport Parameters in a Fixed Bed Reactor at Elevated Pressure Al-Meshragi M., Ibrahim H.G.
00030 Deformation of Oil Droplet on the Solid Substrate in a Simple Shear Flow Basu S., Gupta A.K.
00031 A Study on Process Parameters of Direct Ethanol Fuel Cell Basu S., Pramanik H.
00032 Preparation of Active Carbons from Biomass by Chemical Activation for the Adsorbed Natural Gas Storage Bagheri N., Abedi J.
00033 Development of a Direct Alcohol Alkaline Fuel Cell Basu S., Verma A.
00034 3D Velocity Profile of a Free-Rising Buoyant Sphere Kryst K., Karamanev D.
00035 Hydrogenated Nitrile Rubber for Use in Oilfield Applications Dato J.E., Campomizzi E.C., Achten D., Young C.
00036 Numerical Simulation of Contaminant Dispersion around a Single Cubical Building Using the LES Turbulent Model Omidyeganeh M., Abedi J.
00037 Kinetics of the Ferrous Iron Biooxidation by a Free Suspended Culture of Leptospirillum Ferriphilium Penev K., Karamanev D.
00038 Equilibrium and Kinetics of Cd++ and Cu++ Adsorption by Wheat Straw Dang V.B.H., Doan H.D., Dang-Vu T., Lohi A.
00039 A Model for Stresses and Oscillations of a Resonant Cavity Wall Dehra H.
00040 The Effects of Synthesis Parameters on Purity of Zeolite Y. Using Soluble Silicate (Waterglass) as a Silica Source Karami D., Rohani S.
00041 Approximate Dynamic Programming for Stochastic Multi-State Decision Problems: Applications to Process Scheduling and Control Lee J.H.
00042 Bioremediation of Polyaromatic Hydrocarbons under Fe(III)-Reducing Conditions Ramsay J.A.
00043 Feasibility and Stability of Steady-State Target Calculation of Model Predictive Control Forbes J.F., Al-Shammari A.A.
00044 Adsorption of Zn++ and Ni++ in a Fixed Bed of Wheat Straw Dang V.B.H., Doan H.D., Lohi A., Dang-Vu T.
00045 Effect of Water Structure Makers/Breakers on the Stability of Liquid-Solid Suspensions Ma X.M.
00046 SQC of Alarm Events Hugo A.J.
00047 Treatment of Waste Gases in a Gas-Fluidized Peat Granule Bioreactor Clarke K., Hill G.A., Pugsley T.
00050 C3 and C4 Recovery in Absorption/Stripping Type Gas Plant Habibi S., Nava J.
00051 Effective Investigation and Analysis of Major Incidents in an Industrial Setting that will Produce the Most Valuable Outcomes Wilson L., Romanyk T.
00052 Industrial Health, Safety and Environmental Protection: A Synergetic Approach Tiwari D.P.
00053 Calorimetric Study of Phase Behavior of Maya Crude and Athabasca Bitumen Fulem M., Becerra M., Shaw J.M.
00054 Modeling Crevice Corrosion by Combining Critical Crevice Solution Theory and IR Drop Theory Using the Electrode Coupling Balance Kennell G.F.S., Evitts R.W., Heppner K.L.
00055 Kinetic and 2-D Reactor Modeling for Simulation of the Catalytic reduction of NOx over V2O5/TiO2 by the Honey Comb Reactor Dhanushkodi S.R., Mahinpey N., Murugan P., Wilson M.
00056 Annual Variability of Surface Ozone at an Urban Coastal Site Murugan P., Dhanushkodi S.R., Mahinpey N., Subramanian S.
00057 Life Cycle Assessment of Stack Production and Fuelling of Fuel Cells Dhanushkodi S.R., Mahinpey N., Wilson M.
00058 Biomass and Ionic Liquids Johnson K., Mahinpey N., Murugan P.
00059 Concentrating CO2 Based on Cyclic Use of Calcium Sorbents Grace J.R., Sun P., Lim C.J.
00060 Kinetics of Bioremediation of a Model Naphthenic Acid Compound Paslawski J.C., Hill G.A., Nemati M., Headley J.V.
00062 Chemical Processes are Low Pass Filters. Why and When? Choudhury M.A.A., Shah S.L.
00064 Micro-Mixing and Nanoparticle Production in Confined Impinging Jet Reactor Siddiqui S.W., Unwin P., Kresta S.M.
00065 Comparison of the Performance of Different Impeller-Tank Configurations for Solids Suspension Kukukova A., Kresta S.M.
00066 Investigating the Sorption and Diffusion of Aqueous Solutions on the Performance of a Polyurethane Biopolymer Derived from Castor Oil Mortley A., Bonin H.W., Bui V.T.
00067 Growing Multi-Wall Carbon Nanotubes on Ambient Substrate by Remote Spark Discharge under Atmospheric Pressure Niu W.W., Yang Y., Whidden T.K.
00068 Asphaltenes, Gums and Coke: Deposition onto Surfaces During Processing of Hydrocarbons Watkinson A.P.
00069 Water Challenges and Reclamation Options Facing Surface Mining Oil Sands Operations in Northeastern Alberta MacKinnon M.D.
00070 Nickel Based Catalytic Systems for Low Temperature Carbon Dioxide Reforming of Methane (CDRM) Kumar P., Idem R.
00072 A Novel Chemical Cycle of H2S Splitting for H2 Production Wang H., Chuang K.T.
00073 Identification and Control of Plasticating Twin Screw Extruder Iqbal M., Sundararaj U., Shah S.L.
00074 Multivariate Data Analysis for Black Liquor Evaporator Performance Improvement Amazouz M., Platon R.
00075 Effects of Ionic Surfactants on Tetrahydrofuran Hydrate Formation Al-Garyani S., Yuet P.K.
00076 Taking Action - Sustainable Development and Technology Bancroft T.
00077 Free-Withdrawal Coating with UV-Curing TiO2 Filled Resins - Modeling and Die Design Pope M., Hrymak A.N., Kostanski L.K.
00078 Miniemulsion Polymerization: An Innovative Approach to Tailoring Pressure Sensitive Adhesives Fonseca G.E., Dubé M.A., McKenna T.F.
00079 Process Design for Hydrogen Production from H2S Chemical Splitting Bromstad M.L., Wang H.
00080 Biodiesel: A Green Polymerization Solvent Salehpour S., Dubé M.A.
00082 Scheduling Plants with some Units Requiring Periodic Maintenance - An Optimization Approach Pula R., Marlin T.E.
00083 Kinetics and Reactor Modeling of a High Temperature Water-Gas-Shift Reaction (WGSR) for Hydrogen Production in Packed Bed Tubular Reactor (PBTR) Kumar P., Idem R., Akpan E., Ibrahim H.H., Aboudheir A.
00084 Melt Mixing of Polymer-Copper Nanocomposites Using Compatibilizers Li H., Sundararaj U.
00085 Expansion of Human Neural Precursor Cells in Large-Scale Bioreactors for the Treatment of Neurodegenerative Disorders Baghbaderani B.A., Mukhida K., Sen A., Mendez I., Behie L.A.
00086 Effect of Operating Temperature on Water-Based Oil Sands Processing Long J., Drelich J., Xu Z., Masliyah J.H.
00087 Modeling Studies of the Carbon Dioxide Reforming of Methane (CDRM) over a Ni/CeO2-ZrO2 Catalyst in a Fixed Bed Tubular Reactor Kumar P., Idem R., Ibrahim H.H., Akpan E., Aboudheir A.
00088 Vapor Pressure and Critical Constants Prediction Method for Heavy Hydrocarbons Nji G.N., Svrcek W.Y., Yarranton H.Y., Satyro M.A.
00089 Modeling the Biofiltration of Dimethyl Sulfide in the Presence of Methanol in Inorganic Biofilters at Steady State Zhang Y., Liss S.N., Allen D.G.
00090 Visualization of Viscoelastic Drop Deformation and Breakup in Simple Shear Flow Li H., Sundararaj U.
00091 Simultaneous Design and Control of Chemical Processes under Uncertainty and External Perturbations: A Robust Modelling Approach Ricardez Sandoval L.A., Budman H., Douglas P.L.
00092 Neutron Reflectometry - A Unique Tool to Characterize the Chemical Structure of Thin Films Fritzscheº H., Saoudi M., Yager K.G., Tanchak O.M., Barrett C.J., Luber E., Haagsma J., Mitlin D.
00093 Thermodynamic Evidence for Hydrate Structure Change in the Methane-Carbon Dioxide-Neohexane and Water System Beltran J.G., Servio P.
00094 Improving the Benefication of Mineral Fines by Floc-Flotation Process Song S., Lopez-Valdivieso A.
00095 Evaluating the Hydrophobic/Hydrophilic Nature of Asphaltenes and Naphthenates Using Model Microemulsions Acosta E.J., Bhakta A., Bakian G., Kiran S., Moran K.
00096 A Note on the Selection of Timescale for Real-Time Optimization of Processes Razzaghi K., Shahraki F.
00097 The Margules Interaction Parameter as an Alternative to the Octanol-Water Partition in Environmental and Pharmaceutical Applications Acosta E.J., Liang C., Samaan M., Yuan S.
00098 Study of Transition Velocities from Bubbling to Turbulent Fluidization by Wavelet Multi-Resolution Analysis on Absolute Pressure Fluctuations Leu L.-p., Yang T.-Y.
00099 Interfacial Mass Transfer Phenomena in Microemulsions Acosta E.J., Yuan S., Yip A., Gerber M.
00100 A Dynamic Compression-Relaxation Model for Lung Surfactants Saad S., Acosta E.J., Wong G., Policova Z., Neumann A.W.
00101 An Innovative Method to Reduce Percolation Threshold of Carbon Black Filled Immiscible Polymer Blends Al-Saleh M.H., Sundararaj U.
00102 Intensifying Inter-Phase Mass Transfer in Gas-Liquid Tubular Reactors Azizi F., Al Taweel A.M.
00103 1-D Distributed Model of a Continuous Biodrying Process and Comparison with Experimental Results Navaee-Ardeh S., Bertrand F., Stuart P.R.
00104 CFD Simulation of Oxygen Transfer in ALR Al Taweel A.M., Appasani P., Koksal M., Ghanem A., Dabros T.
00105 The Role of Inter-Phase Mass Transfer in Immiscible Liquid-Liquid Reactions Azzizi F., Al Taweel A.M.
00106 Fictitious Domain Methods for Real Fluid Flow Problems Bertrand F.
00107 Kinetics and Equilibrium of Nickel Biosorption Thevennan A., Niu C.H.
00108 Fractionation of Antioxidant Soy Protein Hydrolysates by Dead-End Ultrafiltration Robinson M., Moresoli C.
00109 Sustainability and Green Engineering: Concepts in Biomass Gasification Mahinpey N., Wilson M., Dhanushkodi S.R.
00110 Static Electrification of Pharmaceutical Powders Léonard G., Abatzoglou N.
00111 Get Electricity from the Flare by Flare Gas Recovery Zadakbar O., Vatani A., Anbia M., Garshasbi V. WITHDRAWN
00112 Nonlinear Taylor-Couette Flow: A Model for Synovial Fluid Flow Ashrafi N.
00113 Environmental and Health Impact Assessments of Hydrogen Production from Natural Gas and Biomass Sources Bi X.T., Rondina M.
00114 Generating Electricity from Petroleum Coke Kouchachvili L., Ikura M.
00115 Design and Performance Evaluation of a Heterogeneous Solid/Liquid Batch Reactor for Production of Zirconium Nitrate Feed for Extraction Asnani C.K., Ravikanth M.V.S.R., Arasu S.T., Nandi D., Jayaraj R.N.
00116 Effects of Thermal Degradation on NOX Storage/Reduction Catalyst Performance AL-Harbi M., Epling W.
00118 Flaring and Flare Gas Recovery in Iran Zadakbar O., Vatani A., Anbia M., Garshasbi V. WITHDRAWN
00119 Increase EOR by Flare Gas Recovery Zadakbar O., Vatani A., Anbia M., Garshasbi V. WITHDRAWN
00122 An Economical Analysis of BC's Wood Pellet Opportunities Peng J.H., Hogue M., Bi X.T., Sokhansanj S., Melin S.
00123 Nonlinear Plane-Poiseuille Flow Ashrafi N.
00125 Getting Fuel Gas from the Flare by a Flare Gas Recovery System Zadakbar O., Vatani A., Anbia M., Garshasbi V. WITHDRAWN
00126 Activation of Fluid Coke for Mercury Capture from Flue Gases Bratu M., Wu L., Wanke S.E.
00127 Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Transient Phenomenon Upstream of a Square Cylinder Confined in a 3D Channel Flow Madhavan S., Al-Jahmany Y.Y., Nandakumar K.
00128 Composition and Size Distribution of Coherent Nanostructures in Athabasca Bitumen and Maya Crude Oil Zhao B., Shaw J.M.
00131 A Cascaded Population Balance Approach for Modeling the Evolution of Coker Feed Sprays Kirpalani D.M.
00132 Synthesis and Characterization of Environment-Responsive Filters and Membranes Huang R.X., Kostanski L.K., Filipe C.D.M., Ghosh R.
00133 The Effect of Polyethylene Oxide on the Separation Efficiency between Chalcopyrite and Quartz Gong J., Jang H., Peng Y., Ourriban M., Yeung A., Liu Q.
00134 A Novel Approach for Block Model Predictive Control Olvera-Salazar A.J., Marlin T.E.
00135 Oxidative Dehydrogenation of Propane over Nanostructured Membrane Catalyst Marshall C.L., Mucherie S., Kim H.S., Libera J.A., Elam J.W., Stair P.C.
00137 Data-Driven Bayesian Approach for Control Loop Diagnosis Qi F., Huang B.
00138 Non-Oxidative Conversion of Ethane to Ethylene over Novel Chromium Catalysts Derived from Layered Metal Hydroxide Precursors Tsyganok A., Sayari A.
00139 The Effect of Resins on Asphaltene Self-Association and Solubility Yarranton H.W., Fox W.A., Svrcek W.Y.
00140 Role of Bicarbonates in Bitumen Extraction from Poor Processing Oil Sand Ores Zhao H., Xu Z., Masliyah J.H.
00141 The Impact of Asphaltene Aggregate Size on Coke Deposition on a Commercial Hydroprocessing Catalyst Zhao B., Shaw J.M.
00142 Aggregation of Starch on Quartz and Hematite Surfaces Ma X.M.
00143 Use of Genetically Modified Saccharomyces cerevisiae to Convert Soluble Starch Directly to Ethanol Liao B., Roesler W.J., Hill G.A.
00144 Atomic Force Microscopy Study on Silica­Clay Interactions Zhao H., Xu Z., Masliyah J.H.
00145 One-Dimensional Molecular Sieves for Hydrocarbon Cold Start Emission Control: Influence of Isomorphous Metal Substitution Iliyas A., Zahedi-Niaki H.M., Eic M., Kaliaguine S.
00146 Multivariate Statistical Analysis of the Impact of Carbon Anodes and Alumina Quality on Primary Aluminium Production Tessier J., Duchesne C., Gauthier C., Dufour G.
00147 Role of Initial Placement of Surfactants on their Adsorption to Heptane-Water Interfaces: Molecular Dynamics Simulations Kuznicki T., Bhattacharjee S., Masliyah J.H.
00148 Expansion of Human Brain Tumour Initiating Cells (BTICs) to Identify New Therapeutics for Brain Cancer Treatment Chiang C.K., Youn B.S., Sen A., Dirks P.B., Behie L.A.
00149 Simulation of a Tubular SOFC Fed with Natural Gas Jafarian M., Karimi G.
00150 Preparation of Cellulosic Polymers : Rheological Properties in NMMO Solutions Zhao L., Boluk Y.
00151 Bitumen Interfacial Studies at Toluene-Water Interface: Effect of De-Emulsifiers on Film Stability Mahavadi S.C., Xu Z., Masliyah J.H.
00152 Application of an Auto-Cyclic Reactor for the Removal of Unburned Methane from Emissions of Natural Gas Engines Zanoletti M., Klvana D., Kirchnerova J., Perrier M., Guy C.
00153 Suppression of Pyrite During the Flotation of Sphalerite by an N-Arylhydroxamic Acid Collector Hamilton D., Zebroff J., Natarajan R., Nirdosh I.
00154 Formation and Stability of Rag Layer in Bitumen Froth Saadatmand M., Yarranton H.W.
00155 Advanced Clean Coal Burners Bilhete L., Bilhete C., Gu G.
00156 Environmental Effects of Solid and Liquid Wastes of Oil Wells Zadakbar O., Anbia M., Garshasbi V. WITHDRAWN
00157 Kinetic Study of the Absorption of Carbon Dioxide in Various Promising Aqueous and Non-Aqueous Chemical Solutions Kadiwala S., Li J., Henni A.
00158 Imaging of Polymer Flooding Using MRI Ongsurakul S., Romero-Zerón L., Li L., Balcom B.
00159 An Overview of Unconventional Oil and Gas in Canada Peachey B.R.
00161 Experimental and Modeling Studies of the Molar Excess Enthalpies for Various Aqueous Amine Systems Narayanaswamy K., Mundhwa M., Henni A.
00162 Process Intensification: A Profitable Route to Sustainability Al Taweel A.M.
00164 Hydroprocessing of Bitumen-Derived Distillates and Gas Oils Ewert W.M., Bares J.E., Johnson B.G., Zarnitz R.M., Alvarez W.E.
00165 Elastomer Development and Validation for Oilfield Pump and Motor Stator Applications Dunn L.J., Salazar O.
00166 Choosing Best Perforation Method for Reduction of Completion Costs Zadakbar O., Anbia M., Garshasbi V. WITHDRAWN
00167 Utilizing the Cold Potential of LNG Regasification Terminals Al Taweel A.M., Cote R., Curry T.
00168 Kinetics of Toluene Hydrogenation on Modified c-Al2O3 Supported Catalysts with H2 Spillover Boateng K.A., Hill J.M.
00169 Processing of the Clear Hills Ironstone Kerr P.G., Liu Q., Etsell T.H.
00171 Phase Transitions for Asphaltenes Separated from Native Oils Using Normal Alkanes from Pentane to Decane Tran K., Maham Y., Becarra M., Shaw J.M.
00172 Understanding the Effect of Weathering on Oil Sands Processability Ren S., Long J., Zhao H., Xu Z., Masliyah J.H.
00173 Biodiesel Production in a Membrane Reactor Using Methanol Recycling Cao P., Dubé M.A., Tremblay A.Y.
00174 Atom Transfer Radical Polymerization: Breaking through the High Molecular Weight Barrier Simms R.W., Cunningham M.F.
00175 1-D Dynamic Modeling of SOFC with Analytical Solution for Reacting Gas Flow Problem Qi Y., Huang B., Luo J.L.
00176 Stability of Water-in-Diluted Bitumen Emulsions Gao S., Moran K., Xu Z., Masliyah J.H.
00177 Mass Transfer and Bioremediation of Aromatics from NAPL in a Rotary, Baffled Bioreactor Nikakhtari H., Kumar P., Nemati M., Hill G.A.
00179 Role of Solids in Oil Sands Processability Dang-Vu T., Wu S.Y., Jha R., Masliyah J.H., Xu Z.
00180 Physical Remediation of Heavy Hydrocarbon Contaminated Soil Nikakhtari H., Kumar P., Nemati M., Hill G.A.
00181 Phase Transitions in Asphaltenes Using Temperature Moldulated Differential Scanning Calorimetery (TMDSC) Tran K., Maham Y., Shaw J.M.
00183 Emissions from Producing Hydrogen for Fuelling a Transit Bus: A Comparative Study of a Plasma Technology and Four Conventional Processes Supa-Amornkul S., Lister D.H
00185 Designing Effective Gas-Liquid Tubular Reactors Podila K., Al Taweel A.M.
00186 Environmental Effect of Sodium Hydroxide (Spent Caustic) in Gas Companies Zadakbar O., Anbia M., Garshasbi V. WITHDRAWN
00187 2-D Dynamic Modeling and Experimental Validation of SOFC Button Cell Mo Z., Huang B., Nandakumar K.
00188 A New Externally-Illuminated Photocatalytic Reactor System for the Treatment of Polluted Aqueous Media Adesina A.A.
00189 Optimization of a Pressure Swing Adsorption Process for Hydrogen Production from Plasma Reactor Gas Huang Q., Malekian A., Eic M.
00190 Liquid Heat Capacities of Nitro-Organic Compounds and Application of Group Additivity Rule Chorao C., Maham Y., Schmidt K.A.G., Nelson A.
00191 The Kinetics of Hydrogen Production via the Partial Oxidation of Gasoline over a Ni/CeO2 Catalyst in a Packed Bed Tubular Reactor Ibrahim H.H., Idem R.
00192 Pyrolytic Conversion of Lipid Feeds for Biofuel and Chemical Production Kirkwood K.M., Maher K.D., Gray M.R., Bressler D.C.
00193 XPS Characterization of Silver Exchanged ETS-10, Chabazite and Mordenite Molecular Sieves Ansón A., Mahamº Y., Kuznicki S.M.
00194 Application of Aspergillus niger Isolated from Industrial Wastewater in the Removal of Heavy Metals by Biosorption Dang Vu Bich H., Nguyen Tuyet M., Tran Linh T., Doan H.D.
00195 An Industrial Perspective on Statistics: Case Studies to Motivate Learning Kresta J.V., Wong A.G.
00196 Risk Based Decision Aid Wong D.
00197 A General Survey of the Potential and Main Issues of Thermochemical Cycles, Sulfur-Iodine Cycle in Particular, for Hydrogen Production Using Nuclear Heat Vitart X., Carles P., Yvon P.
00198 Growth Kinetics of a Photosynthetic Microorganism and its Use in a Fuel Cell Powell E.E., Mapiour M.L., Evitts R.W., Hill G.A.
00199 Electro-Catalytic Degradation of Phenol on Several Metal-Oxide Anodes Wang Y., Gu B., Zhang X., Xu W. WITHDRAWN
00200 Intrinsic Kinetics Study of LPDME Process from Syngas over Bi-Functional Catalyst Moradi G.R., Ahmadpour J., Yaripour F.
00201 Micro- and Nano-Processing of Polymer Systems Kamal M.R.
00202 Investigating Thermal Degradation on a Monolith-Supported Pt/Al2O3 Catalyst Using IR Thermography Epling W., Shakir O.
00203 Correlation and Prediction of Density and Viscosity of Bitumen Using the Peng-Robinson Equation of State Loria H., Pereira P., Satyro M.A.
00204 Quality Control of PE/PS Polymer Films through Multivariate Image Analysis Gosselin R., Duchesne C., Rodrigue D., González Nuñez R.
00205 Esterification Kinetics of Stigmasterol with Maleic Anhydride Catalysed by p-Toluenesulphonic Acid Xu W., Ji M., Cao Y., Wang Y., Wang Y. WITHDRAWN
00206 Challenges of Modelling the Rearrangement of Cyclohexylium: Implications for Modelling of Zeolite-Catalyzed Processes Mackie I.D., Govindhakannan J., DiLabio G.A.
00207 Quantifying the Effect of Stabiliser Addition on Particle Aggregation with AFM Unwin P.J., Siddiqui S.W., Kresta S.M.
00208 Comparison of Clay Minerals in Oil Sands Froth and Tailings Kaminsky H.A.W., Etsell T.H., Ivey D.G., Omotoso O.E.
00210 Upgrading of Athabasca Vacuum Tower Bottoms (VTB) in Supercritical Hydrocarbon Solvents with Activated Carbon-Supported Metallic Catalysts Xu C., Hamilton S., Mallik A.
00211 Simplified Model for Prediction of Molecular Weight Distributions in Ethylene-Hexene Copolymers Using Ziegler-Natta Catalysts Thompson D.E., McAuley K.B., McLellan P.J.
00212 Identification of Mixed-Logic Dynamical Systems Using Particle Filtering Li Q., Lee J.M., Ben-Zvi A.
00213 Biodegradable Protein-Based Foaming Agents from Bovine Bloodmeal Ji B., Li J., Choi P., Yeung A., Bressler D.C.
00215 Saffman-Taylor Instability of Non-Isothermal Flows in Homogeneous Porous Media Islam M.N., Azaiez J., Maini B.
00216 On the So-Called 'Rag Layer' and Diluted Bitumen Dewatering Czarnecki J., Moran K., Yang X.
00217 Catalytic Gasification of Peat in Supercritical Water Xu C., Donald J.
00218 Dynamics of Asphaltene Aggregation Wang S., Long J., Xu Z., Masliyah J.H.
00219 Potential Strategies to Enhance Oil Recovery Using Vapex Imran M.
00220 TEM Investigation of "Leucoxene" Particles in Oil Sands Froth Kaminsky H.A.W., Etsell T.H., Ivey D.G., Omotoso O.E.
00221 Designing Teaching Materials for Visual Learners Kresta S.M.
00222 Electrodeposition of Tin-Rich, Tin-Gold Eutectic Solders for Optoelectronic Applications Watt C., Tang W., He A., Liu Q., Ivey D.G.
00223 Effect of Naphthenic Acids on Interfacial Films and Stability of Water-in-Oil Emulsions Stabilized by Asphaltenes Baydak E.N., Yarranton H.W., Moran K.
00224 Phase Diagram Approach to Emulsion Evaporation Path Friberg S.E.
00225 A Study of Acidity and Carbon Deposition over Mo2C/HY Catalysts used for Selective Ring Opening (SRO) of Naphthalene Liu X., Smith K.J.
00226 Gel Transition in Silica Nanoparticle/Kaolinite Suspensions Walz J.Y., Baird J.C.
00227 Sustainability Assessment of Emerging Technologies in the Oil Sands Industry Halog A., Chan A. WITHDRAWN
00228 Structure and Oxidation Behaviour of Ni-LaCrO3 Composite Coatings for Ferritic Stainless Steels used as Interconnects in Solid Oxide Fuel Cells Shaigan N., Chen W., Ivey D.G.
00229 A Quantum Chemical Study of Dealkylation of Propylcyclopentene on a Brønsted Acid Site Kotikalapudi C.M., Govindhakannan J., Dalai A.K.
00230 Modeling of the Suspension of Dispersed and Ultradispersed Particles in the Cross-Section of Horizontal Cylindrical Channels Loria H., Pereira P., Scott C.
00231 Ultimate Coke Yield in Bitumen-Coke Agglomerates Ali M., Courtney M., Chan E., Gray M.R.
00232 CFD Heat Transfer Simulation of a Bakery Pilot Oven Boulet M., Marcos B., Dostie M., Moresoli C.
00233 An Investigation of Depression about Niobite and Dolomite Ren H., Ji F.F., Song G.L., Xu Z.
00234 Industrial Best Practices: Things You Can't Learn from a Journal Paper Kresta S.M.
00235 Numerical Simulations of Two-Phase Solids-Gas Flow through Bins Sayed M., Laux H.
00236 Determination of Gas Diffusivity in Polymers Tendulkar J., Upreti S.R., Lohi A.
00237 Optimal Selection of Decentralized MPC Structure for Interconnected Chemical Processes Al-Gherwi W.A., Budman H., Elkamel A.
00238 Photochemical and Advanced Oxidation Treatment of Gas-Phase Chlorobenzene Weber N., Zhang L., Anderson W.A.
00239 Dynamic Thermal Properties of Cryoprotective Solutions Weiss A., Maham Y., Forbes J.F.
00240 Flotation Property Comparison of Several Collectors for Valuable Niobium-Containing Minerals Ren H., Feifei J., Guilan S., Zhenghe X.
00241 Petro-Canada Membrane Recycled Water Pipeline Project Vagi F.
00242 TEM of Nanoparticles Carter C.B., Nowak J.D., Basu J., Ravishankar N., Ramachandran D.
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00247 Enhanced Oil Recovery through CO2 Huff-and-Puff in Light Oil Fractured Reservoirs (Experimental Results) Torabi F., Asghari K.
00248 Gas Phase Reactions of Methanol and Ethanol in the Anodic Compartment of Solid Oxide Fuel Cells: Experiments and Simulation Cimenti M., Hill J.M.
00249 Solid-State Kinetics of Carbon Removal from Deactivated Co-Ni Steam Reforming Catalysts: Effect of Gasifying Agent Alenazey F., Cooper C.G., Elnashaie S.S.E.H., Adesina A.A.
00250 CO2 Storage and EOR in Fractured Porous Media (Experimental Results) Torabi F., Asghari K.
00251 Anodic Electrodeposition of Mn-Co Oxide Coatings (Doped with Ce and Y) for Stainless Steel Interconnects Utilized in SOFC Wei W., Chen W., Ivey D.G.
00252 Energy Alternatives for Sustainable Prosperity Miller A.I., Duffey R.B.
00253 Studying Reduction in SOFC Activity with Density Functional Theory: Effects of Hydrogen Sulfide Adsorption on Nickel Anode Surface Galea N., Ziegler T.
00254 Cold Energy - Potential Applications in Canada Peachey B.R., Godin M., Heidrick T.
00255 Polyethylenimine-Coated Albumin Nanoparticles as Carriers for Protein Drug Delivery Zhang S., Wang G., Lin X., Uludag H.
00256 Electrochemical Oxidation of Methanol and Ethanol on Ni-CeO2, Cu-CeO2 and La0.7Sr0.3Cr0.5Mn0.5O3-d Anodes Cimenti M., Hill J.M.
00257 Design of Sub-100 nm Albumin Nanoparticles as Carrier for Protein Drugs Wang G., Zhang S., Uludag H.
00258 Electrodeposition of Sn-Cu Solder Films Han C., Liu Q., Ivey D.G.
00259 Simulation of Oil Sand Conditioning During Hydrotransport: Bitumen Dispersion Naveen B.P., Azizi F., Al Taweel A.M., Gupta Y.P., Friesen W.
00260 Effect of Particle Size on the Viscosity of Athabasca Clay Suspensions Samiei S., Adeyinka O.B., Xu Z., Masliyah J.H.
00261 Pyrene Derivatives of 2,2'-Bipyridine as Models for Asphaltenes: Synthesis, Characterization, and Supramolecular Organization Tan X., Fenniri H., Gray M.R.
00262 Wellhead Separation Equipment for Parsian Gas Field, Selection and Design Zadakbar O., Vatani A., Anbia M., Garshasbi V. WITHDRAWN
00263 Warm Water Geothermal Energy In Western Canada Peachey B.R., Godin M.
00264 Modeling and Parameterization of Fuel Cell Water Dynamics for Real Time Estimation and Control Stefanopoulou A.G.
00265 Density Functional Theory Studies of Methane Dissociation on Anode Catalysts in Solid-Oxide Fuel Cells: Suggestions for Coke Reduction Knapp D., Ziegler T., Galea N., Shishkin M.
00266 Improving the Operation of Refinery Desulphurization Units Using Advanced Process Control Technology Twana C.S., McIntosh A.R.
00267 Effect of the Metal Counter-Ion on the Physicochemical Properties and Activity of Co-Based Fischer-Tropsch Catalyst Nguyen T.H., Cooper C.G., Adesina A.A.
00268 Stability and Integrity of Cement in Wellbores used for CO2 Storage Condor J.T., Asghari K.
00269 Environmental Stewardship for Engineers Peachey B.R.
00270 A Study of Thiosalt Oxidation Vongporm Y., Hawboldt K., Coles C., Bottaro C.
00271 Study on the Effect of Using Liquid/Gas Coalescer Cartridge Surface Treatment on Separation Efficiency Zadakbar O., Vatani A., Anbia M., Garshasbi V. WITHDRAWN
00272 Seeing and Understanding Climate Change with Computers and Candles Mahaffy P.G.
00273 The Limits of Fine and Coarse Particle Flotation Gontijo C., Fornasiero D., Ralston J.
00274 Can We Control Cell Differentiation with Scaffolds: Changes Associated with Scaffold Architecture and Stem Cells Woodhouse K.A.
00275 Electrospinning of Collagen and Elastin for Vascular Tissue Engineering Laughren D.L., Woodhouse K.A.
00276 Advances in Natural Zeolite Bitumen Cracking Kuznicki S.M., McCaffrey W.C., Junaid A.S.M., Yin H., Koenig A., Swenson P., Bian J., Kuznicki T.
00277 Overexpression of Recombinant Pseudozyma Antarctica Lipase in Escherichia coli Xu Y., Chou C.P., Scharer J., Moo-Young M. WITHDRAWN
00278 Effect of Different Species of Mg and P Salts on Reduction Ammonia Release in Food Waste Composting Process Yu H., Huang G.H., Li Y. WITHDRAWN
00279 Experimental Investigation of Gas-Liquid Flow in Horizontal Pipes Kalekudithi E., Afacan A., Sanders R.S., Nandakumar K., Masliyah J.H.
00280 An Elastin-Like Polypeptide as a Non-Toxic Crosslinker: Synthesis and Characterization of a Hyaluronan Hydrogel for Intervertebral Disc Regeneration Windisch L.M., Woodhouse K.A.
00281 Steam Fingering in Steam-Assisted Gravity Drainage Gotawala D., Gates I.D.
00282 Removal of Carbon Dioxide by Absorption in a Cross-Flow Rotating Packed Bed Lin C.-C., Chen B.-C.
00283 Hydrodynamics of Progressive Cavity Pumps: Flow Visualizations and CFD Simulations Alemaskin K., Nandakumar K., Sundararaj U.
00284 Adaptive Binning of Metabolomic NMR Datasets Using Correlation Techniques Mahadevan S., Shah S.L.
00285 A Computational Study of the Ludwig-Soret Effect on the Thermal-Induced Phase Separation Process in Polymer Solutions Kukadiya S.B., Chan P.K., Mehrvar M. WITHDRAWN
00287 Solubility of Methane in an Aqueous Methyldiethanolamine Solution Schmidt K.A.G., Jou F.-Y., Mather A.E.
00288 Simulation of Dead End Anode and Self Breathing Cathode PEMFC Lum K.W., Poh H.J.
00289 Role of Dynamic Interfacial Properties in the Dewatering of Diluted Bitumen Venkataram R., Al Taweel A.M., Dabros T., Yuet P.K.
00290 Describing the Complex Hydrodynamics of Circulating Fluidized Bed Riser by CFD Almuttahar A., Taghipour F.
00291 Dynamical Analysis of an Integrated Signaling Network via Linear Programming Lee J.M., Gianchandani E.P., Eddy J.A., Papin J.A.
00292 Photocatalytic Degradation of Methylene Blue Aqueous Solution by Different Synthesized Titanium Dioxide Nanocatalysts Eslami H., Hashemipour H., Ranjbar M.
00293 Liquid Transport in Multi-Layer and Coalescing Froths Ireland P.M., Jameson G.J.
00294 Interpenetrating Polymer Networks (IPN) Templated by Bicontinuous Microemulsions Acosta E.J., Wang B., Chu M., Huh B., Cheng Y.-L.
00295 Capture and Storage, a Solution or a Dream? Wilson M.
00296 Determining Surface Potential of the Bitumen-Water Interface at Nanoscale Resolution Using Atomic Force Microscopy Drelich J., Long J., Yeung A.
00297 Modelling Catalytic Radiant Heaters for Combustion of Fugitive VOC Jodeiri N., Mmbaga J., Hayes R.E., Mannan T.M., Wanke S.E.
00298 Determination of the Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC) of Kerman Bentonites by Methylene Blue and Copper Ethylenediamine Complex Adsorption Hosseini S., Tahmooreci M.
00299 In situ Characterization of the Adsorption of Concanavalin A on Germanium Surface at Various pH Dong J., Mielczarski J.A., Mielczarski E., Xu Z.
00300 On Expanding-Solvent Steam-Assisted Gravity Drainage with Transitional Solvent Injection Gates I.D., Leskiw C.
00301 Carbon Capture and Storage: The Ten Year Challenge Gibbins J.R.
00302 Model-Free Learning Approach for Control of Uncertain Systems Nosair H., Lee J.M.
00303 Real-Time Operations Optimization: Reaching Maturity Marlin T.E.
00304 Interaction of Single Micro Bubble with an Inclined Collector Surface Seyyed Najafi A., Masliyah J.H., Xu Z.
00305 Isolation and Characterization of Biosurfactant- Producing Bacteria from Western Canada Oil Reservoirs Yu H., Huang G.H., Li G.
00306 Bacterial Attachment to Oil and Its Role on Biodegradation of Polyaromatic Hydrocarbons Abbasnezhad H., Gray M.R., Foght J.M.
00307 Thermoplastic Elastomer Composite made from Recycled Polyethylene, Devulcanized Rubber and Hemp Fibres Leduc S., González-Núñez R., Rodrigue D.
00308 The Effects of Sand and Water Quality on Heavy Oil Emulsion Droplet Sizes and Stability During Turbulent Mixing Angle C.W., Hamza H.A., Dabros T.
00309 Diffusion of Vanadium Compounds from Asphaltene Aggregates Dechaine G.P., Gray M.R.
00310 Recombinant Protein Production by Cytopore Microcarriers is Further Enhanced under Hypothermic Culture Conditions Tharmalingam T., Sunley K., Butler M.
00312 Enhancing the Stability Region Estimates of Nonlinear Process Systems Using Model Predictive Control Mahmood M., Mhaskar P.
00313 Sorption of Naphthenic Acids from Athabasca Tailing Pond Waters Mohamed M.H., Wilson L.D., Headley J.V.
00314 Density-Functional Theory (DFT) Modeling of Arsenic Deactivation of NiMoS Using Representative Organoarsenic Compounds Yang S., Nelson A., McCaffrey W.C., Adjaye J.
00315 Effect of Adding HyperCoal on Strength of Coal Blends Takanohashi T., Shishido T., Saito I.
00316 Remediation for PCE Contamination Qin X.S., Huang G.H.
00317 Use of Atom Transfer Radical Polymerization to Tune Matrix Properties of Block Copolymer Templates Graffe A., Desai R., Hallen S., Maric M.
00318 Life Cycle Perspectives of Biobutanol Sarathy S.M., Thomson M.J., Zhang Y., Sleep S., Maclean H.
00319 Parameter Estimation in Continuous-Time Dynamic Models with Uncertainty Varziri M.S., McAuley K.B., McLellan P.J.
00320 Enhanced Bio-Ethanol Production via Adsorption: Mass Transfer Modelling and Recovery Techniques Jones R., Tezel F.H., Thibault J.
00321 Scale-Up of a Copper-Chlorine Thermochemical Cycle for Hydrogen Production Naterer G.F., Gravelsins R.J., Gabriel K.S., Rosen M.A.
00322 Local Identifiability and Parameter Estimability in a Fuel Cell Model Jayasankar B.r., Ben Zvi A., Huang B.
00323 Recent Progress in Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Materials Research Thangadurai V.
00324 Reactivity and Stability of a Ni/Al2O3 Oxygen Carrier for Fluidized Bed Chemical-Looping Combustion Sedor K.E., Hossain M.M., de Lasa H.I.
00325 In Vitro Fluid Shear Stress Alteration of Vascular Cell Glycocalyx Tehranian S., Shepherd R.D., Rinker K.D.
00326 Metal-Organic Frameworks: A New Class of Electrolyte Materials for Intermediate Temperature PEM Fuel Cells Hurd J.A., Thangadurai V., Shimizu G.K.H.
00327 Insights into the Effect of Temperature on Platelet Production Provided by the Dynamic Mathematical Modeling of Megakaryopoiesis Leisy-Derilou Y., Duchesne C., Pineault N., Boucher J.F., Garnier A.
00329 Influence of Modifier on the Supercritical Fluid Extraction from Athabasca Oil Sands Seth D., Rahmani S., Le-Nguyen K., Uong E., de Bruijn T.
00330 Temperature Effects on Mercury Vapour Adsorption onto Sulphur Impregnated Activated Carbons Mehta H., Tong S.T., Jia C.Q.
00332 Nanoporous Metal Organic Frameworks Dual Materials for Fuel Cell Applications Shimizu G.K.H., Chandler B.D., Hurd J.A., Taylor J.M., Liang J.M.
00333 Synthesis and Characterization of Stimuli-Responsive Poly[oligo(ethylene glycol) methacrylate]-Block-Poly(methyl methacrylate) Copolymer Brushes on a Flat Surface Gao S., Feng W., Zhu S., Brash J.L., Sheardown H.
00334 Energy Storage by Modeling a Cooling System Abniki F., Bakhshi E. WITHDRAWN
00335 A Chemical Kinetic Mechanism for Biobutanol Combustion Sarathy S.M., Thomson M.J.
00336 Optimization and Generalization of Effective Parameters for Production of High-Quality Carbon Nanotubes Malek Abbaslou R.M., Dalai A.K.
00338 Accurate Measurements of Diffusivity and Permeability Coefficients in Membranes Using a Constant Volume System Lashkari S., Yao Y., Kruczek B.
00339 Hybrid SAGD-ISC Bitumen Recovery Processes for Athabasca Reservoir Sadeghi M., Gates I.D.
00340 Properties and Applications of Porous Thin Films Fabricated by Glancing Angle Deposition Brettº M.J.
00341 Microbial Desulphurization and Denitrification of a Waste Stream in an Immobilized Cell Bioreactor Tang K.M., Nemati M.
00342 Oil Sand Slurry Conditioning Tests in a 100 mm Pipeline Loop Sanders R.S., Schaan J., McKibben M.M.
00343 Removal of Gas Phase Mercury by Activated Carbons De M., Dalai A.K., Shewchuk S.R.
00344 Asphaltene Precipitation in Crude Oils with Emulsified Water Tharanivasan A.K., Svrcek W.Y., Yarranton H.W., Taylor S.D.
00345 Poly(ether block polyamide) Membranes for Gas Separations and Pervaporation Feng X.
00346 Application of Metabolic Flux Analysis for Optimizing Recombinant Human Interleukin-3 Production by Streptomyces lividans Nowruzi K., Scharer J.M., Elkamel A., Moo-Young M.
00348 Preparation of Ni Nanoparticle/Polymer Core/Shell Hybrids by Surface-Initiated Atom Transfer Radical Polymerization Chenº R., Zhu S.P., Botton G.
00349 Managing the Intolerable Henselwood F.W., Phillips K.G.
00350 Exploring the Oxygen Reduction Reaction at the SOFC LSM/YSZ Cathode Interface Using Impedance Modelling Kenney B., Karan K.
00352 Substrate Utilization Rate Model of Denitrification Processes of Bioreactors Xu A., Young S.
00353 Hydrotreating of Oil-Sands Derived Coker Gas Oil over P Promoted Trimetallic Ni-Mo-W/c-Al2O3 Sulfide Catalysts Sundaramurthy V., Sigurdson S., Dalai A.K., Adjaye J.
00354 A Novel Method to Control Differentiating Human Embryonic Stem Cell (hESC) Aggregate Size and Composition: Effects on Cardiomyocyte Development Bauwens C.L., Peerani R., Niebrugge S., Kolodziejska K., Husain M., Zandstra P.W.
00355 Development of Airlift Bubble Column with Immobilizing Carrier of Carbonized Textile for Biological Nitrogen Removal in Wastewater Yoshimatsu T., Yasuda K., Bando Y.
00357 LQ Approach for Coordination of Decentralized Large Scale Process Control Problems Marcos N.I., Dallagi A., Forbes J.F., Guay M.
00358 The Emperor's Tattered Suit: The Human Role in Risk Assessment and Control Creedy G.D.
00359 Stability of Water/Toulene Interfaces Saturated with Adsorbed Naphthenic Acids - A Molecular Dynamics Study Li C., Li Z., Choi P.
00360 Development of Microporous PVDF Hollow Fibre Membranes for Soluble Gas Absorption Yang A., Young S., Tontiwachwuthikul P., deMontigny D.
00362 Effect of Liquid Phase Severity on Upgrading McCaffrey W.C., Brown W.A., Pinchuk R.
00363 Sustainable Groundwater Cleanup at a Former Herbicides Production Facility Using Phytoremediation Creber C.E., Gatlieff E.G., West J.E., Manale F.A., Wandor D.G.
00364 Control of Catalytic Flow Reversal Reactors Fuxman A.M., Aksikas I., Forbes J.F., Hayes R.E.
00365 Quality Control of Multi-Component Pharmaceutical Intact Tablets Using Three Different Near-Infrared Apparatuses Cournoyer A., Cartilier L., Abatzoglou N., Simard J.-S.
00367 Atomistic Simulation of Hydrogen Embrittlement of Polycrystalline Iron Structure Telitchev I., Vinogradov O. WITHDRAWN
00368 Cubic Boron Nitride Thin Films Deposited by Ion Beam Deposition on Diamond Interlayer Tang Y., Li Y.S., Yang S.L., Yi W.W., Yang Q., Hirose A.
00369 Reliable Determination of Phosphorus in Crude Oil and Fractions Schmidt K.J., Janzen K.E., Lesage K.
00370 Dehydration of Methanol to DME Catalyzed by Aluminium Phosphate Catalysts Yaripour F., Mohammadi jam S., Atashi H., Mollavali M.
00371 Surface Properties: Evolution and Coalescence of Emulsified Bitumen Droplets Moran K., Sumner R.J.
00372 Module Construction of Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells by Using Chemical Etching Nguyen T.-V., Yang O.-B.
00373 On the Use of Solid-Liquid Two-Phase Partitioning Bioreactors for the Treatment of Petroleum Contaminated Soil and Water Daugulis A.J., Prpich G.P., Rehmann L.
00374 Numerical Upscaling of Reacting Flow from Fine to Coarse Scale Hassanzadeh H., Abedi J., Pooladi-Darvish M.
00375 Synthesis of Styrene/Acrylic Acid Random Copolymers by Nitroxide Mediated Polymerization Graffe A., Lessard B., Maric M.
00376 Sulphur in Sulphur Impregnated Activated Carbon and Its Roles in Aqueous Hg (II) Adsorption Cai J.H., Tong S.T., Jia C.Q.
00377 Development of a CFD-Based Model for the Simulation of Immobilized Photocatalytic Reactors Duran J.E., Mohseni M., Taghipour F.
00378 Viscous Fingering of Chemically Reactive Flows in Hele-Shaw Cells Hejazi S.H., Ghesmat K., Azaiez J.
00379 Hydrodynamics in a Novel Circulating Turbulent Fluidized Bed Qi X.-B., Zhu H.-Y., Zhu J.
00380 Hybrid Modeling versus "Winner Model" Approach for Systems Identification Papadokonstantakis S., Hungerbühler K.
00381 Understanding the Mechanism of Pelleting Flocculation Induced by a Al(OH)3-Polyacrylamide Hybrid Sun W., Long J., Xu Z., Masliyah J.H.
00382 Using Advanced Characterization Methods to Predict Compositional and Elemental Distributions of Petroleum Fractions Chen J., Briker Y., Ring Z.
00383 Comparison of Synthetic Routes to Produce Poly(styrene)-Poly(lactide) (PS-PLA) Diblock Copolymers by Nitroxide Mediated Polymerization Graffe A., Morton K., Jabbar R., Maric M.
00384 Application of Inductive Monitoring System (IMS) for Monitoring Industrial Processes Halim E., Raghavan H., Shah S.L.
00385 Kinetic Studies of CH4 Decomposition over Supported Co and Ni Catalysts Kim H.C., Li J., Smith K.
00386 Stability of Water-in-Oil Emulsion Effect of Asphaltenes Xu Y., Dabros T.
00387 Kinetics of CO2 Absorption into MEA-AMP Blended Solution Sakwattanapong R., Aroonwilas A., Veawab A.
00388 Study of the Effect of Distributor Partial Blockage on the Overall Mixing in a Fluidized Bed Using Electrical Capacitance Tomography Karimipour S., Pugsley T.
00389 Microscopic and Electrochemical Investigations on Film Growth on Carbon Steel in Subject to Several Hydrodynamic Conditions for the Fe/CO2 System Sridharan V., Evitts R.W.
00390 Catalytic Radiant Heaters for Fugitive Methane and BTEX Combustion Mannan T.M., Jodeiri N., Mmbaga J., Hayes R.E., Wanke S.E.
00391 Stability of Air Jets in Liquids Syeda S.R., Ansery A.M.
00392 Studying Behavior of Coated Titanium Anodes in a Corrosive Solution Abniki F., Bakhshi E. WITHDRAWN
00393 Copper and Cobalt Nanoparticles Generated by Colloidal Synthesis Dadgostar N., Henneke D.E.
00394 A Mechanistic Evaluation of Cranberry Proanthocyanidin Mediated Inhibition of Bacterial Adhesion to Biomaterials Eydelnant I.A., Harmidy K., Tufenkji N.
00395 Tar Elimination Using Local Dolomites During the Gasification of Jack Pine Sawdust Gusta E., Dalai A.K., Sasaoka E, Uddin M.A., Eswaramoorthi I.
00396 Mercury Vapour Adsorption Kinetics of Sulphur Impregnated Activated Carbons Tong S.T., , Morris E., Kirk D.W.Jia C.Q.
00397 Enzymatic Biodiesel Production in Ionic Liquids Ruzich N., Bassi A.S.
00398 The Use of the High-Temperature, Modular-Helium Reactor for Tar Sands Oil Recovery Baxter A.
00399 A Comparative Study of Physical and Mechanical Properties of Glass and Natural Fibre Reinforcing Composites Panigrahi S., Tripathy A., Panigrahy B.
00400 Production of Nano Composite Particles from Zr-V-Fe Alloy Ingot by a Transferred DC Plasma Jet Jeong M.H., Oh C.S., Han C.S., Kim H.C.
00401 Micellar-Enhanced Ultrafiltration Utilizing Naturally Occurring Surfactants for the Removal of Organic Contaminants from Produced Water Deriszadeh A., Harding T.G., Husein M.M.
00402 Expansion of Human Breast Epithelial Stem Cells and Breast Cancer Stem Cells in Suspension Bioreactors Panchalingam K.M., Youn B.S., Shemanko C.S., Sen A., Behie L.A.
00403 Systems Biology: Potential and Pitfalls Perrier M.
00404 Tubular Micro-Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Sarkar P., Yamarte L., Richardson M., Johanson L.
00406 Determination of Particle Size Distributions for Clays from Athabasca Oil Sands Mercier P.H.J., Kingston D.M., Wang D., Kung J., Le Page Y., Kotlyar L.S.
00407 Removal of Hydrogen Sulphide from Gas Streams Using Direct Oxidation over Activated Carbon Azargohar R., Dalai A.K.
00408 Computer Aided Product Design and Development for Peroxide Based Disinfectants Omidbakhsh N., Duever T., Elkamel A., Reilly P.
00409 Biofuels from Microalgae: Making Green Energy Production Sustainable Li Y.Q., Horsman M., Wu N., Lan C.Q.
00410 A New Mercury Sorbent for a Coal-Fired Power Plant Liu Y., Kelly D., Zhu Z., Xu Z., Kuznicki S.M.
00411 Influence of the Bubble Kinetic Energy on its Bouncing During Collisions with Various Interfaces Zawala J., Krasowska M., Malysa K., Dabros T.
00412 Development of a High-Throughput Stirred Suspension System for the Culture of Embryonic Stem Cells Millar V.F., Rancourt D.E., Kallos M.S.
00413 Nanoscale Patterning of Functional Metallic Structures on Semiconductor Interfaces via Polymer Self-Assembly Buriak J.M., Aizawa M., Chai J.
00414 A Computational Model for in vitro Cell-Fate Control through Directed Polarization Verneau J., Qaqish C., Jervis E.J.
00415 Hydrodeoxygenation of Phenolic Model Compounds over Dispersed MoS2 Catalysts Yang Y.Q, Tye C.T, Smith K.J
00416 Characterization of Foaming Behavior in Amine-Based CO2 Capture Plants Thitakamol B., Veawab A.
00417 Controlled Drug Release from Stimuli Responsive Polymers Salehi R., Entezami A.A., Nowruzi K.
00418 Design of a Fluidized Bed Reactor for Whitewater Contaminant Removal Loranger E., Daneault C., Chabot B.
00419 A Study of the Microbial Community Structure of Biofilters Treating Dimethyl Sulphide Hayes A.C., Liss S.N., Allen D.G.
00420 Morphology Development for Single-Site Ethylene Copolymers , Xu H.Bellehumeur C.T.
00421 Synthesis of Hydroxyl Terminated Poly(styrene-random-vinylcarbazole) Copolymers by Nitroxide Mediated Polymerization Graffe A., Morton K., Maric M.
00422 The Effect of Urea Supplementation on the Gene Alternation of an Industrial Saccharomyces cerevisiae Cheng C.H., Yang D.M., Lin Y.H.
00423 A Quantum Chemical Study of Kinetics of Ring Opening of Cyclohexene on a Brønsted Acid Site Govindhakannan J., Mackie I.D., DiLabio G.A.
00424 Olefin-Paraffin Separations by Hybrid Systems Nassara R., Tezel F.H.
00425 Food-Grade Biotechnology: An Innovative Concept for Novel Food and Drug Production , Razvi A., Basso J.Lan C.Q.
00426 Simulation of Two-Phase Liquid-Particle Flow Using a Particle Model , Laux H. Sayed M.
00427 Optimal Design of Heat-Integrated Separation and Refrigeration Systems Farrokhpanah S., Smith R., Jobson M. WITHDRAWN
00428 Adaptive Model Predictive Control for Constrained Nonlinear Systems Guay M., Adetola V.
00429 Filterability of Oil Sand Tailings Xu Y.
00430 Dependence of the Thermodynamic Stability of Axisymmetric Capillary Bridges on the Solid Geometry Elliott J.A.W., Voitcu O.
00431 Wet Air Oxidation of Benzene Enhanced by Phenol Abussaud B., Berk D., Kubes G.
00433 Numerical Investigation of Induced Charge Electro-Osmosis around a Conducting Cylinder in Infinite Medium Jain M., Yeung A., Nandakumar K.
00434 Bayesian Approach for MPC Constraint Analysis Akande D.O., Huang B.
00435 Effect of Co-Feeding Oxygenates in Fluid Catalytic Cracking Units Atias J.A. WITHDRAWN
00436 Nickel Nanoparticles with Green Chemistry Carkner A., Berk D.
00437 Expansion of Human Muscle Precursor Cells in Serum-Free Medium Parent V.A., Sancen-Chaparro L.E., Wali Z., Lemieux L., Tremblay J.P., Garnier A.
00438 Zeolites in Hydrogenation and Hydrocracking Performances of Hydrotreating Catalysts Zheng Y., Ding L.H., Yang H., Ring Z.
00439 Performance of Copper Carbonate as a Low-Toxic Corrosion Inhibitor in Amine-Based CO2 Capture Plants Soosaiprakasam I., Veawab A.
00440 Incorporating Risk Concepts Into Engineering Education McCutcheon D.J.
00441 Industrial Batch Reactor Swelling: Constrained Level Control Simon L.L., Nagy Z.K., Hungerbühler K.
00442 Thermal Cracking Studies by Design of a Pilot Plant Bakhshi E., Abniki F. WITHDRAWN
00443 Oxy-Fuel Firing: The Transition to Pressurized Systems for Efficiency Optimization Clements B.R.
00444 Development of a QCM-D Based Biosensor for Detection of E. coli O157:H7 Poitras C., Tufenkji N.
00445 Toluene Removal Biofilter Modeling Li G.Q., De Visscher A.
00446 Grafting Polymers from Flat Copper and Nickel Surfaces by Surface-Initiated Atom Transfer Radical Polymerization Chen R., Zhu S.P., Botton G.
00447 Simulations of Low Temperature Cellular Responses: Role of Nucleation Heat Ross-Rodriguez L.U., Elliott J.A.W., McGann L.E.
00449 Ethanol Concentration with Barley Straw Okoye C., Sun N., Niu C.H., Lin Y.H.
00450 Hydrodynamics of Bubbling Fluidized Bed by Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Hosseini S.H., Rahimi R.
00451 Non-Thermal Plasma Technologies for Environmental Protection: Treatment of VOC Emissions Using a Corona Reactor Derakhshesh M., Abedi J.
00452 Synthesis of Dimethyl Ether from Methanol over Solid Acid Catalysts Yaripour F., Mohammadi jam M., Atashi H., Mollavali M.
00453 Confined Diffusion of Polyelectrolyte in Nanotubes Gu H., Zhu S.
00454 Influence of Sulphate Concentration on Desulfurization of Dibenzothiophene by Rhodococcus rhodochrous (NRRL B-2149) Santos E.S., Soares Jr. A.B., Gurgel Y.K.P., Chagas B.M.E., Domingos T.B., Macedo G.R.
00455 Alberta Environmental Protection Commission Outcomes McCutcheon D.J.
00456 Thermal Cracking of Sulfur Compounds: Experimental Study and Kinetic Calculation Li N., Luo J.L., Dettman H.
00457 Binding and Entry Kinetics of GALV-Enveloped Retroviral Vector into Mammalian Cells Tayi V.S., Beauchesne P.R., Bowen B.D., Piret J.M.
00458 Elastomer/Clay Nanocomposites for Progressing Cavity Pump Applications Lakshminarayanan S., Sundararaj U., Nandakumar K., Salazar O., Dunn L.J.
00459 Active Triple Phase Boundary Measurement Using Focus Ion Beam Tomography Rivard T., Gitzhofer F., Abatzoglou N.
00460 Filtration of Suspensions in Trickle-Bed and Monolith Reactors: Cyclic Operation and Catalytic Reaction Studies Hamidipour M., Larachi F., Ring Z.
00462 Investigation of Corrosion in CO2 Absorption Process Using Blended Monoethanolamine and Piperazine Nainar M., Veawab A.
00464 Biohydrogen Production by Rhodobacter sphaeroides and Clostridium beijerinckii Chmiel M.T., Al-Ghouleh H., Yargeau V.
00465 Relating Performances to Microstructures of SOFC Composite Electrodes: A Three-Dimensional Modeling Approach Wen X., Ali A., Nandakumar K., Chuang K.T.
00466 My Thirty Years of Research in Oil Sands Masliyah J.H.
00467 Modeling and Analysis of Gas Holdup in Bubble Columns with Newtonian and Non-Newtonian Fluids Rahimi R., Mahdavi S.M.
00468 Predictive Multisolute Solution Equations for Biological Solutions Containing Electrolytes Prickett R.C., Elliott J.A.W., McGann L.E.
00469 Performance Evaluation of Biodiesel Production from Waste Cooking Oil Zhou L., Aroonwilas A., Veawab A.
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00476 Carbon Dioxide Capture, Transport, and Storage Gollpudi B., Ilkiw O.
00478 Enhanced Growth of Cold-Adapted CHO Cells Increases Recombinant Glycoprotein Expression under Hypothermic Conditions Sunley K., Tharmalingam T., Butler M.
00479 Study on the Bioethanol Production from Rice Straw Sakoda A., Mochidzuki K., Sato N., Phan D.T., Ngo D.M., Cao D.K.
00480 Effect of Carrier Gas Flow on Behavior of Liquid Droplets Produced by Ultrasonic Atomization Matsuoka A., Yasuda K., Bando Y., Kawase Y.
00481 Pichia Pastoris Fermentation for Phytase Production Using Low-Grade Glycerol as the Carbon Source Tang S., Zhang Z.
00482 Transition from Batch to Continuous Operation in Bio-Reactors Using Model Predictive Control Aumi S., Mhaskar P.
00483 Modeling and Simulation of Dimethyl Ether Synthesis in a Fixed-Bed Reactor Atashi H., Sarvaryan M.
00484 Multi-Criteria Evaluation of Locations for CO2 Sequestration and Storage under Uncertainty Tan Q., Huang G.H., Cai Y.P.
00485 Addition of Ce Promoter on VPO Catalysts: Impact of Ce on Oxygen Capacity of the Catalyst Godefroy A., Patience G.S. WITHDRAWN
00486 Neural Stem Cell Differentiation and the Effects of Substrate Stiffness Leipzig N.D., Shoichet M.S.
00487 Manipulating Fine Particles for the Best Industrial Practice Zhu J.
00488 Proton Conducting Metal Organic Polymers Vaidhyanathan R., , Hurd J.A., Thangadurai V.Shimizu G.K.H.
00489 Palmitylation as a Means to Enhance the Effectiveness of Cationic Polymers in Non-Viral Gene Delivery Abbasi M., Incani V., Lin X., Uludag H.
00490 Periodic Orbits and Feedback Invariants of Control Systems Hudon N., Guay M.
00491 Techno-Economics of Biohydrogen Production in Western Canada Sarkar S., Kumar A.
00492 A Life Cycle Economic and Environmental Investigation of Steam, Electricity and Hydrogen Generation Options for the Alberta Oil Sands Bergerson J., McKellar J.M., MacLean H.L.
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00494 Application of the MIACC Risk Screening Methodology as Part of Complying with Edmonton Area Land Use Bylaws Henselwood F.W.
00495 Using a Risk-Based Approach to Emergency Planning Resources McCutcheon D.J.
00496 Diffusion Modeling in Soft Tissues to Describe Weight Loss and Contraction-Expansion Behavior when Exposed to Hypertonic Solutions Abazari A., Law G., Elliott J.A.W., McGann L.E., Jomha N.
00497 Intermolecular Branch Frequency Distribution Dependence of the Size and Orientations of Lamellae in Single-Site Linear Low-Density Polyethylene Blown Films Choi P., Zhang Y., Zhao H., Ho K.
00499 Modeling and Simulation of Three-Stage Cascade Ultrafiltration Configurations for Monoclonal Antibody Bioseparation Mayani M., Filipe C.D.M., Ghosh R.
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00501 Islet Transformation: Discovering the Dynamic Histology Moogk D., Blaylock A., Hanley S., Rosenberg L., Jervis E.J.
00502 Surface Charge and Microbial Attachment to Model Crude Oil/Electrolyte Emulsions Warne Zoueki C., Tufenkji N., Ghoshal S.
00503 Quantifying the Risk of Gas-Phase Autoignition in the Selective Oxidation of Propane to Acrylic Acid in a Fluidized Bed Reactor Laviolette J.-P., Patience G.S., Chaouki J.
00504 Ultrasound Assisted Transfer Hydrogenation/Hydrogenolysis of Gas Oil Gopinath R., Dalai A., John A.
00505 Flotation of High-Iron Phosphate Ores Nanthakumar B., Pawlik M.
00507 Thermal Diffusivity Measurement for Flax Fiber-HDPE Biocomposites Panigrahi S., Li X., Tabil L.
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00512 Using Cosolvents to Improve Polymer Gel Dosimeters McAuley K.B., Csaszar E.S., Koeva V., Schreiner L.J.
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00514 Development of Nanocomposite Materials for Gas Separation Membranes Sadeghi F., Kruczek B., Tremblay A.Y.
00515 Thermal Residual Stress Development for Semi-Crystalline Polymers in Rotational Molding , Xu H.Bellehumeur C.T.
00516 A Safer H2S Disposal Method to Eliminate Flaring Acid Gas in Natural Gas Processing: Kinetic Study of H2S Adsorption on Iron Oxide Wang D.M., Wang H., Chuang K.T.
00518 An Optimization Model Based Approach for Evaluating Effects of Policies and Strategies on Mitigation of GHG Emissions Resulting from Energy Activities Cai Y.P., Huang G.H., Tan Q., Lin Q.G.
00519 Roles of Potassium Hydroxide in Chemical Activation of Oil Sands Fluid Coke Maka P., Cai J.H., Jia C.Q.
00522 Process Intensification Using Solid Phosphoric Acid Catalysis de Klerk A.
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00525 Wettability of Solids from Oil Sands and its Relation to Oil Sands Processability Jha R., Dang-Vu T., Masliyah J.H., Xu Z., Tannant D.D.
00527 Opportunity for Concurrent Capture of Mercury and CO2 from Coal-Fired Power Plant Flue Gas in Amine-Based Absorption Process Cui Z., Veawab A., Aroonwilas A.
00528 Groundwater Contamination by Pathogens: Examining the Role of Microaerophilic and Aerobic Environments Castro F.D., Tufenkji N.
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00533 Adsorbent Beds for Heat Storage Applications in Solar Energy Dicaire D., Tezel F.H., Lee P.
00534 Function Inference of Interacting Proteins Using Protein Signature Profiling Mahdavi M.A., Lin Y.H.
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00537 Optimal Storage Level Design for Production Systems under Unit Failure Scenarios Davies K.M., Swartz C.L.E.
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00541 Environmental Current Status in Shrimp Culture and Basa Catfish Culture in Mekong Delta ( Vietnam) and Solutions Nguyen Van P., Dang Vu Bich H., Nguyen Thi Thanh P., Dang Ngoc Bich L.
00542 The Effect of Reference Genome on the Prediction of Protein-Protein Interaction Using Phylogenetic Profiling Sihombing R.S., Lin Y.H.
00543 Surface Tension Dependence on Elevation in a Gravitational Field and its Implications in Line Tension Estimation Voitcu O., Elliott J.A.W.
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00549 Synthesis and Characterization of TiO2-SiO2 Mixed Oxide Based Catalysts Using Sol-Gel Method Coupled with Hydrothermal Treatment Nguyen T.-V., Nguyen V.-C.
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00560 Investigation on Forced Water Components and Suitable Doses for the Petroleum Recovery Application at Oil Fields Phan D.T., Lam Q.H., Hoang D.T.
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00564 Diagnosis of Plant-Wide Oscillations Using Adjacency Matrix Jiang H., Patwardhan R., Shah S.L.
00565 Risk Based Land-Use Planning in the Edmonton Area McCutcheon D.J.
00566 Recruitment of Endogenous Circulating Progenitor Cells for Cardiac Regeneration Using Injectable Gels Melhuish A., Suuronen E., Cao X.
00567 Nano Architectures for Fuel-Cell Applications Taylor J.M., Shimizu G.K.H.
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00571 Experimental and Computational Study of a Small-Diameter Hydrocyclone Intended for the Separation of Microorganisms Shaah-Hosseini S., Rostami R. WITHDRAWN
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00588 Biological Hydrogen Production Using Sewage Sludge as Microbial Seed Baghchehsaraee B., Nakhla G., Karamanev D., Margaritis A.
00589 Gelation of Wax-Solvent Mixtures with Radial Heat Transfer under Static Conditions Bidmus H.O., Mehrotra A.K.
00590 Evaluation of GHG Mitigation Options in Transportation Sector through Development of a Multicriteria Assessment Model Tichkowsky G., Mohamadabadi H.S., Kumar A.
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00595 The Isolation and Extraction of the 7S and 11S Globulin Soy Proteins Using a Liquid-Solid Circulating Fluidized Bed (LSCFB) Reactor Galloway R., Bassi A.S., Zhu J.
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00599 Accelerated Concrete Curing by Carbonation: A CO2 Sequestration Technology Kashef-Haghighi S., Ghoshal S.
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00601 Asymmetric Polymer Bridging between Starch-Coated Colloidal Particles and Pulp Fibers by Cationic Polyacrylamide van de Ven T.G.M., Poraj-Kozminski A,, Hill R.J.
00602 Comparing the Capacity of Adult Human Pancreas and Bone Marrow Derived Mesenchymal-Type Cells to Differentiate into an Insulin Producing Phenotype Ratanshi I., Jung S., Behie L.A., Sen A.
00603 Transfecting Bone Marrow Stromal Cells with Non-Viral Vectors Uludag H., Kucharski C., Lin X.
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00605 Risk Assessment and PSM Alp E.
00606 Implementation of a Particle Filter and Image Based Sensor for Interface Level Control in an Oil Sands Separation Cell Jampana P., Shah S.L., Kadali R., Kihas D.
00607 Hydrodynamics of Fluidized Bed Reactors Pugsley T.
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00611 A Survey for the Selection of Control Structure for Distillation Columns Razzaghi K., Shahraki F.
00612 Horizon Oil Sands Thickener Design Paradis T.
00613 Investigation of Enzymatic Degradation of Polyurethane Plastics Gautam R., Bassi A.S., Yanful E.K.
00615 Analysis of a Smelting Furnace Off-Gas System Shang H., Dillabough M., Nelson P., Salt B.
00616 Synthesis and Applications of Metal Sulfide Nanoparticles Produced by Xanthate Precursors Apblett A.W., Piquette A., Leeds J.
00618 Downhole Packers and Accessories Goodson J.
00619 Plasma Enhanced CVD Growth of Diamond Film on Various Alloy Substrates Li Y., Xiao C., Hirose A., Tang Y., Yang Q.
00620 Novel Approach for Monitoring Concentrations of the Milk Proteins a-LA and b-LG During Ultrafiltration Using a Fluorescence Fiber Optic Probe Elshereef R., Budman H., Moresoli C., Legge R.L.
00621 Use of 1H NMR Microscopy for the Investigation of Operating PEMFCs Feindel K.W., Wang M., Starke D., Bergens S.H., Wasylishen R.E.
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00631 Characterization of Secreted Carbohydrate-Active Enzymes from Fungi on Softwood Samples for Biomimetic Enzyme Applications Mahajan S., Master E.R.
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00664 Meeting Today's Societal Expectations: Process Risk Management Programs of the Dow Chemical Company Overton T.A.
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00675 Unit-Wide Model Predictive Control with SMOCPro Cott B.J.
00677 Proton Transfer in Anhydrous Polymeric Membranes for Fuel Cells: An ab initio Study Paddison S.J.
00679 Dynamic and Mechanical Properties Evaluated at Various Temperatures Rau P., Anderson A.
00681 Granular Filtration for Airborne Particles Golshahi L., Tan C., Abedi J.
00682 Adaptive Optimization Techniques for Control and Estimation Guay M.
00683 Modeling and Simulation of the Operability and Reliability of an Oil Sands At-Face Slurrying System Lipsett M.G., Scaffo-Migliaro A.
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00687 To Achieve Robust Process Design, Build in Operability Marlin T.E.
00688 Lipase-Catalyzed Kinetic Resolution of Anti-Inflammatory Drugs in Non-Standard Organic Solvents Ghanem A.
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00700 Advanced Oxy-Fuel Combustion Systems for Near-Zero Emission Fossil Fuel Power Plants Zanganeh K.
00701 Innovative Heat, Oil and Tear Resistant Elastomers Schuster R.H.
00705 Towards the Development of Metabolic Engineering Tools for the On-Line Monitoring of Cell Potentials Jolicoeur M., De Crescenzo G., Perrier M.
00706 A High-Rate Perfusion Bioreactor for Plant Cells Allowing Continuous Extraction of Secreted Proteins Jolicoeur M., Hisiger S., Cloutier M., Perrier M., Legros R., De Crescenzo G.
00708 A New Dawn of Chemical Reaction Engineering in Biotechnology Hu W.-S.
00709 Nonviral Gene Transfer Mediated by DNA Nanoparticles Leong K.W.
00710 Water-in-Oil Emulsions Stabilized by Asphaltenes, Resins, Naphthenic Acids, Naphthenates and their Mixtures Kilpatrick P.K.
00711 Research Trends in the Area of Bioproducts Lortie R.
00712 Fires and Explosions: What You Need to Know to Prevent Them Phillips K.G., Nibber S.P.S.
00713 Chemical Engineers: A Trusted Voice on Technical Matters of Public Concern, or Not? Alp E., Boughner R.T.
00714 Considerations for the Process Safety Design of Sulfur Tanks and Collection Vessels Sourisseau K.
00715 Development of a Process Safety Culture for a Newly Graduated Chemical Engineer Lacoursière J.-P.
00716 Chemical Process Safety after BP Texas City Bresland J.S.
00717 U. S. Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards Moore D.A., Kellogg D.
00718 Land Use Planning and Process Safety Moore D.A., Fuller B.A., Kellogg D.
00719 Resources and Metrics to Address Current Process Safety Issues - A CCPS Overview Overton T.A., Berger S.
00720 Statistical Modeling and Analysis of Data from a Carbon Dioxide Capture Process Zhou Q., Chan C., Tontiwachiwuthikul P.
00721 Gasification Reactivity of K2CO3 Catalyzed HyperCoal and Coal under Steam at 775-700 ¸C for H2 Production Sharma A., Saito I., Takanohashi T.
00722 Oil Sands: Past, Present, and Future Carter J.E.
00723 The Differences Between R & D in Industry, Academia, and Government Blachford J.
00724 A Bio-Hybrid Future for the Business of Chemistry in Canada West B.
00725 Biodiesel Patent Landscape in Canada Lawson J.
00726 BioComposites: Past, Present and Future Maine F.
00727 Some Thoughts on Canadian Energy Perspectives in a Carbon-Constrained Future Grace J.R.
00728 The Role of Chemical Engineering in the Future of Energy Tanguy P.A.
00729 Nuclear Power: An Essential Component for Global CO2 Emission Reduction Miller A.I.
00730 Water: Our Next Big Economic and Social Challenge Sturgess P.K.
00731 (Determining) and Reducing the Ecological Footprint from Accelerated Biofuel Development in Canada - A Prospectus McIntyre T.
00732 Chemistry of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes Wangº Y.A.

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